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Malaysian Business Degelation To Vi

Subject: Malaysian Business Degelation To Visit Myanmar  

Malaysian Business Degelation To Visit Myanmar
KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 Asia Pulse - A 55-member Malaysian delegation,
     comprising business executives from various economic sectors and
representatives of
     the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM), will
be in
     Yangon next week to explore opportunities in forging smart business
partnerships with
     their Myanmar counterparts.

     Led by NCCIM president Tajudin Ramli, the group will participate in the
     Malaysian-Myanmar Smart Partnership Business Networking session, which
is a
     one-to-one business contact session with potential Myanmar partners
with the view to
     facilitate strategic Malaysian-Myanmar business alliances.

     In a statement Saturday, NCCIM said the delegation would also exchange
views with
     their Asean counterparts on critical business issues during meetings
of the
     Asean-Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Asean-CCI) and Asean-CCI Business
     Forum there.

     NCCIM said the visit was in line with its efforts to promote greater
interaction between
     Malaysian businessmen and their Asean counterparts to forge new
partnerships and
     fresh business ideas.

     It said the Asean-CCI Business Forum on Wednesday would focus on small
     medium size enterprise (SME) issues -- a clear recognition by Asean-CCI
of the role of
     the SMEs in regional recovery.

     Over 250 participants from Asean and its dialogue partner countries,
including senior
     government officials from Myanmar and Asean business leaders, are
expected to attend
     the business forum which, among others, would discuss issues such as
     opportunities in Myanmar, promotion of foreign direct investment within
     economies and development of SMEs in the region.

     On Thursday, the mission participants will attend the 56th Asean-CCI
Council Meeting to be      chaired by its current president, Tajudin.