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What is SPDC up to these days? [Mil

Subject: What is SPDC up to these days? [Military]25th May

What is SPDC up to these days?[Military]
25 May 1999

The life of a government lies in the hands of the intelligence community of
the government concerned. In Burma , military intelligence is the major
intelligence appratus by which the SPDC has been able  to maintain law and
order by force and eliminate the opposition's elements. The following is the
data collected by USG [US Government] agencies worldwide with reference to
the  army,navy and air force in Burma. The SPDC, according to the CIA, spent
$380 million for its defence in 1996-1997 despite the recent USG reports on
the Burmese government's lack of funds.


Julien Moe

Military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force 

Military manpower?military age: 18 years of age 

Military manpower?availability: 
males age 15-49: 12,208,916 
females age 15-49: 11,983,225 (1998 est.) 
note: both sexes liable for military service 

Military manpower?fit for military service: 
males: 6,523,797 
females: 6,387,291 (1998 est.) 

Military manpower?reaching military age annually: 
males: 488,818 
females: 469,850 (1998 est.) 

Military expenditures?dollar figure: $380 million (FY96/97 est.) 

Military expenditures?percent of GDP: NA%