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NOTICE: C-Cor Signs Letter of Inten

Subject: NOTICE: C-Cor Signs Letter of Intent  / STATE COLLEGE, Pa.

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C-Cor Signs Letter of Intent
               to Acquire Silicon Valley
               Communications (SVCI)


               STATE COLLEGE, Pa., May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- C-COR
               Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CCBL), to be renamed
               C-COR.net, pending completion of its merger with
               Convergence.com, announced today that the company has
               signed a letter of intent to acquire Silicon Valley
               Communications, Inc., a leading edge technology company
               and key supplier of high quality, comprehensive fiber
               transmission systems used in advanced, hybrid fiber/coax
               (HFC) networks. The transaction, which is expected to be
               completed in summer 1999, is subject to the satisfaction
of a
               number of conditions. The estimated value of the
               transaction, including issuance of stock and the
               of debt, is over $50 million. 

               Silicon Valley Communications, founded in 1994, has its
               headquarters, research laboratory and manufacturing
               facilities based in Santa Clara, California. The SVCI
               line includes 1310 nm forward and return path
               and receivers, 1550 nm DWDM transmitters, 1550 nm
               externally- modulated transmitters, erbium-doped fiber
               amplifiers (EDFAs) in 3 RU and 1 RU sizes and SNMP
               compliant NMS. The design philosophy behind the products
               has been to address the changing domestic and
               international market needs by providing flexibility,
               and efficiency for today's broadband video and
               Internet network applications. 

               David A. Woodle, President and CEO of C-COR, stated,
               "This move will allow us to round out our fiber optic
               offering while meeting our strategic objective of
               advanced technology, broadband HFC products to our
               domestic and international customers. We continue to see

               growing need for high-performance, high quality fiber
               products for the evolving architectures and feel the SVCI
               products will significantly expand our ability to meet
               requirements today and into the future for superior

               Mary Fong, Chairman of SVCI, commented, "We feel very
               positive about joining forces with C-COR, which has a
               45-year legacy in the industry. The combination of our
               Silicon Valley Communications products with C-COR's RF
               amplifiers, Navicor(TM) nodes, network management
               systems, network design and activation capabilities, and
               Internet enabling technical services form a total set of
               product and service solutions for customers throughout
               full broadband network life cycle." 

               C-COR, headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania,
               provides products and support to customers as they plan,
               design, build and maintain complex broadband
               communications networks. The company is an innovator,
               developer and supplier of robust, high-quality
               electronics, network management systems and technical
               services for two-way HFC networks around the world.
               Recently C-COR announced that the company and
               Convergence.com, an Atlanta- based provider of
               Internet-enabling technical services, had entered into a
               definitive merger agreement, under which Convergence.com
               will become a wholly- owned subsidiary of C-COR and will
               operate as a segment of a separate business unit called
               Broadband Management Services. The merger is expected
               to be completed in June 1999. 

               C-COR, founded over 45 years ago, designs and
               manufactures robust, high- quality network distribution
               products for two-way hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks.
               C-COR's headquarters is in State College, Pennsylvania,
               with production facilities in State College and Tipton,
               Pennsylvania; and Tijuana, Mexico. C-COR maintains
               offices in Toronto, Canada; Almere, The Netherlands; and
               Hong Kong. C-COR's common stock is listed in the Nasdaq
               National Market under the symbol CCBL. C-COR's website
               is http://www.c-cor.com. C-COR was named to Forbes
               Magazine's 200 Best Small Companies in America List

               Some of the information presented in this announcement,
               including, but not limited to the company's expectations
               connection with the merger with Silicon Valley
               Communications Inc., constitutes forward looking
               within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation

               Act of 1995. Although the Company believes that its
               expectations are based on reasonable assumptions within
               the bounds of its knowledge of its business and
               there can be no assurance that actual results will not
               materially from its expectations. Factors which could
               actual results to differ from expectations include the
ability to
               consummate the mergers with Convergence.com
               Corporation and Silicon Valley Communications, Inc. and
               integrate Convergence.com's and Silicon Valley
               Communications' businesses, the timing of orders received
               from customers; the gain or loss of significant
               changes in the mix of products sold; changes in the cost
               availability of parts and supplies; fluctuations in
               costs; new product development activities; the Company's
               ability to implement its strategies of product, service,
               global market expansion; economic conditions affecting
               domestic and international markets; regulatory changes
               affecting the telecommunications industry, in general,
               the Company's operations, in particular; competition and
               changes in domestic and international demand for the
               Company's products; the Company's ability to assess the
               risks of the year 2000 issue, with respect to its
               and resolve them in a timely manner; and other factors
               may impact operations and manufacturing. For additional
               information concerning these and other important factors
               which may cause the Company's actual results to differ
               materially from expectations and underlying assumptions,
               please refer to the reports filed by the Company with the
               Securities and Exchange Commission. Background

               C-COR Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CCBL) Headquarters:
               State College, Pennsylvania - USA President and 

               Chief Executive Officer: David A. Woodle Corporate
               Description: Products and services for network operators

               they plan, design, build and maintain complex, 

               broadband communications networks. Included are 

               robust, high-quality RF and AM fiber optic 

               distribution electronics and a full complement 

               of technical services, network management 

               systems, and technical services. Through an 

               alliance with Convergence.com, a provider of 

               Internet enabling technical services, C-COR is 

               the exclusive reseller of Convergence.com's 

               products and services in North America. 

               Convergence.com's products and services enable 

               delivery of cost-effective, high-speed, 

               broadband Internet and data services to 

               businesses, residential customers, schools and 

               other institutions. Locations: Headquarters in State
               Pennsylvania and 

               production facilities in State College and 

               Tipton, Pennsylvania; and Tijuana, Mexico. 

               Offices in Toronto, Canada; Almere, The 

               Netherlands; and Hong Kong. Revenues: $152 million* 

               Earnings: $0.78 per share from continuing operations* 

               Assets: $75,518,000* 

               Capital Expenditures: $8,782,000* 

               Market Capitalization: $215 million (as of May 14, 1999) 

               Shareholders of Record: 599* 

               Total Employees: 1646 (April 1999) *Effective Fiscal Year
               Ending June 26, 1998 Background Information 

               Silicon Valley Communications, Inc. (SVCI) Headquarters:
               Santa Clara, California - USA Chairperson and 

               Chief Executive Officer: Mary Fong Corporate Description:
               SVCI's technology and products serve the rapidly 

               growing optical communications and multimedia 

               markets with advanced fiber-optic transmission 

               and distribution systems for broadband video and 

               digital networks. SVCI provides a complete family of

               performance, optical communications products 

               including 1310 nm and 1550 nm fiber-optic 

               transmitters, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers 

               (EDFAs), indoor and outdoor fiber-optic 

               receivers, return path transmitters and return 

               path receivers for cable networks. SVCI's 

               products are available in 3-RU and 1-RU high 

               sizes for flexibility of insertion into a 

               Universal Chassis together with AC or DC power 

               supply modules. SVCI is actively focused on advanced

               and product development activities to satisfy 

               the interactive bi-directional needs of the 

               Information Superhighway. Due to the various 

               cable network systems now deployed, SVCI is 

               listening carefully to engineering and economic 

               requirements and working with cable operator 

               upgrade and conversion teams to understand the 

               most effective applications of our research and 

               development efforts for advanced HFC networks. Revenues:

               Earnings: N.A. 

               Assets: N.A. 

               Capital Expenditures: N.A. 

               Market Capitalization: N.A. 

               Shareholders of Record: N.A. 

               Total Employees: 70 David A. Woodle 

               President and Chief Executive Officer 

               C-COR Electronics, Inc. David A. Woodle was appointed
               President and Chief Executive Officer of C-COR

               Inc. in August 1998 and has been a member of the C-COR
               Board of Directors since October 1998. Under Mr. Woodle's
               leadership, C-COR has launched a major corporate
               repositioning strategy to tap into the rapidly growing
               by the broadband communications industry for expertise in
               launching, managing and delivering high-speed broadband
               Internet and data services. 

               Prior to joining C-COR, Mr. Woodle led merger transition
               efforts as Vice President and General Manager of Raytheon
               E-Systems/HRB Systems, and successfully positioned the
               company in the wireless data telecommunications
               marketplace. Subsequently, as General Manager of
               Strategic Systems for Raytheon Systems Company, he was
               responsible for managing a one-half billion dollar
               focused on real-time information systems integration. Mr.
               Woodle has had over 20 years business and management
               experience in engineering and manufacturing, with
               recognized expertise in strategic planning, global
               development and partnerships, business acquisitions and
               mergers, and technical innovation. 

               Mr. Woodle serves as a Director on several Boards
               the Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County,
               Centre County United Way, and the Shaner Sports Complex.
               He is also the Chairman of the CEO Group for Centre
               County and an Elder at St. John's United Church of
               Mr. Woodle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer
               Science from the Pennsylvania State University. Mary Fong 

               Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer 

               Silicon Valley Communications, Inc. Mary Fong,
               Chairperson, CEO and co-founder, has more than thirty
               years of experience in building new firms and developing
               them into fully operational and profitable companies. 

               Her expertise covers operation, finance, international
               trading, and investment. She was co-founder of
               Genexco/Newtimes Ltd, a Taiwanese textile and garment
               manufacturer and exporter, with offices and factories
               internationally. She was also the co-founder of Thai
               Wonderful Wire & Cable (a cable and wire manufacturer)
               and AT Research (an industrial automation company) in

         >>>>> She is also the founder and developer of Rose
               Garden Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar (under construction). 

               Mary earned a business degree from California State
               University at Northrop.