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U.S. Activists Condeman SPDC's Emba

Subject: U.S. Activists Condeman SPDC's Embassy in Japan

Invitation Letter for a Condemnation Demonstration over the Attack on
Two Democracy Activists in Japan


Dear friends and all democracy supporters, you all are invited to join
hands with, Democratic Burmese Students Democratic Organization (DBSO)
and Burmese Community in the United States, to hold a condemnation
demonstration in front of the Burmese embassy in Washington, DC on May
26, 1999 at 5.15 P.M. The reason why we hold the demonstration is the
staff members from Burmese embassy in Tokyo physically attacked over
the two democracy activists in Tokyo on May 23, 1999 in a concert held
by the embassy during a peaceful protest against murderer regime. The
activists of Joint Action Committee were seriously injured and later
released from a hospital in Tokyo. 

It is an outrageous and unacceptable that the official staff members
from the Burmese embassy committed crimes in a foreign land, Japan,
whereas the staffers intentionally beaten and kicked the protestors
when they were peacefully chanting democracy slogans. It is an
universal acceptance that people have rights to hold peaceful protests
against any organization or any person over the differences. But none
of citizen or official has rights to commit any physical attack over a
peaceful protestor over the different opinion. Instead of respecting
the difference and reexamining the regime's wrong doing and perception,
the staffers threatened the Burmese community in Japan and launched a
terrorist campaign. It is again unacceptable and we hereby strongly
condemn such illegal and illegitimate terrorist action. 

By the misuse of diplomat immunity imposed by the ambassador from the
SPDC in Japan to defend his staffers from appropriately questioning and
interrogating by the Japanese police who witnessed the attack is also
encourages embassy's staffers to commit more crimes in sovereign
countries where the SPDC embassies are located. This illegal action,
moreover, sends wrong signal to the world community that Burmese
diplomats are allowed to commit crimes in any sovereign land if this
malice action is allowed and so that the regime's leaders in Rangoon
should also take serious actions over the criminals. 

We again call Japanese officials to take appropriate action over the
criminals who illegally attacked over the two democracy activists
against Japanese laws in Japan.

Programs:		: Demonstration Against SPDC's ambassador to Japan

Location:		: SPDC embassy in S Street, NW, Washington, DC.

Time:			: 5.15 P.M.

Contact Person:		: Ko ShweZin Tun ( 301) 770-1499 

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