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SPDC Captains sell opium and rapes

Subject: SPDC Captains sell opium and rapes Kachin women in northern  Shan State

SPDC troops sell seized opium

On May 12, SPDC troops sold opium they had seized from villagers in Namtu,
Northern Shan State, to Chinese drug traffickers. 

On the night of May 10, 1999, about 26 SPDC troops from LIB 324, led by
Captain Tin Maung Myint, based in Namtu township, Northern Shan State, had
seized 20 kg of opium from Kalee and Ho Tong villages near Namtu.

On May 12, Capt. Tin Maung Myint and his troops carried this opium on foot
from Namtu to a Chinese village in Kutkai township, Northern Shan State
and sold it to a Chinese trafficking group at a price of 70,000 kyats per
kg. They received a total of 140,000 kyats.

SPDC Captain rapes 2 Kachin women

On May 8, an SPDC Captain based in Namtu township, Northern Shan State, raped
two village women who were returning from their farms.

Captain Aung Too Lay, from SPDC IB 22, based in Namtu, had been sent on
duty to Mang Wee township in Northern Shan State. On May 8, he met the two
Kachin women, Tang Goon and Tang Naw returning from their farm near a
Kachin village. He pulled them into the jungle and raped them, after
covering their faces with plastic. 

After the rape the captain, threatened to kill the women if they told
anyone. A few days later, the women's fathers went to report the rape to
the Kachin Defence Army (KDA) in Lashio. The KDA has a ceasefire agreement
with the SPDC.
However, up till now the KDA has not taken any action.

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