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Notorious Tokyo Concert

Myanmar Embassy, Tokyo wrote:

> Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
> Tokyo
> 25-May-99

The situation is exactly the same as when Rangoon General Hospital was
being shot on 10-8-88. Burmese Television news on that evening,
announced that, the army truck car was attacked by stones and bricks by
the destructive elements, disturbing and causing damage to the army
officials on duty. That was why, the army has to( intentionally ) shoot
the hospital, killing students, monks and injuring the nurses.

I phoned up the Burmese Television Corporation on the spot, and told
them the news was false. The Officer who picked up the call screamed at
me using vulgar words.

>  Towards the completion of the first
> show of the second day, they started shouting obscene
> before the departure of the audience.

It has been eleven years, but they are using the same method.