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Election Anniversary Statement (NLD

Subject: Election Anniversary Statement (NLD/LA, ALD-E, CNLD-E, DPNS,  ZNC)

Election Anniversary Statement

May 27, 1999

The Multi-party Democracy General Election of 1990 was the result of a
tremendous sacrifice of numerous monks, students and the peoples of Burma
and it was not only a significant footstep towards democracy but also
legally authoritative. It is the verdict bravely given by of the people and
is neither deniable nor ignored.

We, representing National League for Democracy, Arakan League for
Democracy, Chin National League for Democracy, Democratic Party of New
Society and Zomi National Congress, which contested in the 1990 election,
by seeking cooperation with other pro-democracy forces celebrate this day
in New Delhi today with political significance. To establish a democracy,
all the peoples are responsible. Taking example of inside political
parties, we will expand our unity and cooperation.

To fulfill the results of the free and fair election, the ruling military
regime, which held the election, is solely responsible. Principally, to
accomplish the obligation, it is to convene the Parliament of duly elected
Hluttaw Representatives. 

The election winner, the NLD has been striving for convening the Parliament
from the very beginning. One of the obvious efforts made by NLD, together
with four ethnic parties, was formation of the "Committee Representing
People's Parliament" (CRPP). That whacked on the bottom of the illegitimate
military junta. Consequently 150 elected MPs were detained, 1,000 party
members were arrested and more than 10,000 were forced to resign from the

On this 9th anniversary of the 1990 election, we:

· By reiterating our full support to the CRPP, call upon the power holders
of Burma to be courageous enough to come to a dialogue,

· Appeal the international community to make more effort to effectively
implement the UNGA resolutions, UNCHR resolutions and ILO resolutions,

· Earnestly request the neighboring countries, India, People's Republic of
China and Thailand to review their policy on Burma and adopt a more
sensible policy, and

· Call for help, especially to the people of Burma, to stand by the CRPP
leadership and to actively and bravely do something every day to achieve
democracy by every citizen.

National League for Democracy (Liberated Area)
Arakan League for Democracy (Exile)
Chin National League for Democracy (Exile)
Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS)
Zomi National Congress (ZNC)


Exactly 9 years ago, the people of Burma voted for Hluttaw Representatives
(Parliamentarians) who would establish Democracy. However, elective
franchise of the people was rejected till today.
You are cordially invited to the function of "Denial of People's Verdict".

9th Election Anniversary
Maharaja Banquet Hall, Aslat Pur, New Delhi
10 a.m., 27 May 1999
RSVP: 555-7193, 561-2616, 560-6467, 560-6421, 560-6471