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Ne Win's dangerous legacy (r)


In U Aung Kin's posting to Burmanet "Ne Win's dangerous legacy" he rightfully 
warns the Japanese government to make a firm stand in dealing with the 
incident in Tokyo where two Burmese democratic activist were badly beaten up 
by staff members of the Burmese embassy.

The brutal action taken by the Burmese embassy is unlikely to be a 
spontaneous reaction to the two democratic activist who called for democracy 
in Burma at the concert organised by the Burmese embassy with the sponsorship 
of eight Japanese companies.
Present Burma is a country where everything is centrally controlled by the 
well feared General Khin Nyunt the director of the brutal Defence Service 
Intelligence (known as MI), who chairs ten organisations and holds five key 
positions in other organisations covering the entire spectrum of life in 
It is also a known fact that the Ambassador who had to refer even mean 
consular matters for Rangoon's approval is merely a Post Master.  One could 
not imagine that the Ambassador nor the chief of the military intelligence in 
the Tokyo embassy would stick their heads out in this sensitive and high risk 
action which could certainly lead to embarrassment in the international 
political arena.

Information gathered from our sources in Japan indicates that the embassy had 
thoroughly planned the actions ahead.
Rumours that the demonstrators will throw eggs and tomatoes were spread by 
the embassy to attract heavy police present.
About thirty men who looks like soldiers (MI) were seen at the concert.  Some 
of these people could be flown in from Burma but many were MI personal who 
are working as illegal migrant workers in Japanese restaurants.
After the incident the Ambassador, the embassy staff, the military 
intelligence personal, the regime's supporters and some members of the 
audience went upstairs to the fourth floor which was allocated as rest area 
for the concert organisers.
A member of the audience later reported over hearing a woman telephoning 
General Khin Nyunt.
Later, silent sympathisers came forth with photographic evidence as well as 
eye witness reports which indicates that some ordinary Burmese migrants were 
also involved in the beating up of the two democratic activist.
After the incident, the Ambassadors limousine was moved and parked in front 
of angry demonstrators outside the concert hall to provoke violence.

The evidences reconstitute a clear picture that the embassy acts in a well 
planned strategy.  Every detail including the robing of the video camera and 
stealing the tape carries hallmarks of carrying out a plan well thought of by 
trained professionals.

The evidences so far gathered coupled with the fact that the decision making 
role of the regime's administrative system is totally under the control of 
the MI in Rangoon, it clearly indicates that the beating up of democratic 
activist was thoroughly planned by the Directorate of Defence Service 
Intelligence(DDSI) with the knowledge of its' powerful chief General Khin 
Nyunt.  No such delicate and risky matter could possibly be carried out 
without Khin Nyunt's approval.  Khin Nyunt is no doubt the prime culprit of 
this attack.

It is not much of a surprise that Khin Nyunt who had succesfully curtailed 
National League for Democracy's activities inside Burma would like to find a 
way to stop democratic activist abroad who are successfully exposing the true 
situation in Burma.  These exposures caused tremendous damage to his plans to 
fool the international community.  Reactions from the international community 
are punishing hard to his regime's stability.  He must surely find a way to 
stop it and the only language he knew is by exporting terror.

Why did he chooses Japan?  Japan is one of the few countries which has a 
considerable number of Burmese immigrants whom most of them are democratic 
activist and silent supporters.  Japan is one of the very few lifeline for 
the military regime to survive.
The Japanese policy towards Burma is unclear between business and ethics.
Recently, the military regime launched its' program to lure Japanese 
investment in Burma.  It seems to be quite successful in attracting a number 
of companies who shows interest.  The Japanese relation seems to be cordial 
by judging the extent that Khin Nyunt's deputy Colonial Kyaw Win, deputy 
director of the DDSI, was invited to address a Japanese Diet Committee.  A 
rare and unusual opportunity for a senior military intelligence official of a 
brutal and suppressive regime to address at a parliamentary democratic 
institution of one of the most advanced nations.
These conditions must have relayed false messages, encouraging Khin Nyunt to 
judge that he could get away with anything in Japan. His foreign minister Win 
Aung who was also an ex-military intelligence officer would probably shares 
the same view. Win Aung probably feels it is time to unleash a number of MI 
implants which were planted under the guise of diplomatic staff in embassies 
abroad to export terror.  Khin Nyunt might also thought that it is the right 
time to extend his internal policy - the rein of terror - to his foreign 
policy.  His first chosen frontier as the most favourable test ground happens 
to be friendly Japan.

No matter what we think of, Khin Nyunt's calculations seems to be correct so 
far.  He could successfully save his embassy staff and their non diplomatic 
pawns from facing justice simply by waving diplomatic passports at the 
Japanese police.

If the Japanese government let it off lightly this time it will encourage 
Khin Nyunt to escalate terrorism not only in Japan but to other nations where 
Burmese democratic movements are strong and affective.
The international community must also be vigilant in preventing the influx of 
terrorism from the most brutal military regime in the world.
The Burmese democratic activist must also be extra vigilant not to react to 
their provocation. The Ambassadors limousine which was brought to the front 
of the angry crowd in Tokyo is the prime example of their intention to 
provoke us with expectations to sum up the blame upon us.

Win Soe
Solidarity for Democracy in Burma
244 Upper Street
London  N1 1RU
United Kingdom