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Burma Out!! junta says not ready t

Subject: Burma Out!!  junta says not ready to hand over 

moe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Julien Moe)
>Myanmar's junta says not ready to hand over power

Oh yeah? Now where have I heard that before. 


You had better tell them Julien, that the power they 
desire so much will be taken away from them. And 
unlike Suharto who is floating a large lump of gold 
on the market in secret. Every little thing the Rangoon
junta is doing is being recorded.. When they try and 
make their escape from the wrath of the righteous, 
in their case there will be no where to hide, no bank
will handle their ill gotten gains. And all the criminal 
philosophies for which they stand and by which 
millions suffer will be throw back in their faces like 
shit from a drug mule


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