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( a Burmese free-lance Journalist )

May 27. 1990 is the day on which the first and the only one democratic
general Election during three decades long military rule in Burma was
held and on this day, it will have already completed its 9th
anniversary. In that election, 2296 canditates from 93 political parties
contested. Public voters chose their best people's representatives from
various political parties and individuals. Among 485 total seats through
out the country, National League for Democracy (N.L.D) won in 392 seats.
Ta - Sa - Nya (National Unity Party) is the party converted from Ma - Sa
- La (Burmese Socialist Programme Party) which was patronized and
established by general Ne Win's Military regime, the one which first
introduced military chapter in Burma. In the election, N.L.D defeated Ta
- Sa - Nya with a big margin.

The election was recognized by internal and international observers as a
free and fair one. But, the result of the election has never been
materialized by the present ruling Military junta. Strongly decisions
and condemnations against the Military junta were made by the UN General
Assembly and UN - Human Rights Commission. But the junta neglected all
decisions made by the UN and its rule passed by already 10 years.

Members of Parliament elected by the people in the 1990 election were
now put into jail. Student activists who supported the demand for
forming democratic government after convening the elected parliament
were awarded with long sentence term by the authority.

Young student Ko That Win Aung was sentenced for 52 years, and 38 years,
23 years and 21 years long imprisonment were also made for his
colleagues, Ko Myo Win Zaw, Ko Shit Min Oo, Ko Tun Myint Aung
respectively. 200 over other students were also awarded for 7 years
imprisonment by the junta. They were such imprisoned because they
supported the Committee Representing the Peoples Parliament.

N.L.D was led by Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel peace laureate and
opposition democratic leader. Though she was leading the party, during
the election period, she was kept in house arrest by the authority.
People of Burma believe in and rely on her. She is the only daughter of

General Aung San, the architect of Burma Independence. Only in 1995, she
was released from house arrest. Though, her party N.L.D was the 1990
election winner party, the junta never handed over power and the
parliament was also never convened.

The Army, which captured the state power through 1988 bloodshed military
coup, being without any constitution, declared the election law and by -
law and held the election. But after the election, nothing was done by
them. Only they did were long years imprisonment for the parliament
members from N.L.D.

At last, N.L.D made a demand to the SLORC to summon the parliament
before 21st August 1998. The league also issued a statement that
parliament will be convened in a few days.

N.L.D, on 16th Sep 1993, declared that the Committee Representing the
People's Parliament was formed. The committee was formed by the
authority empowered by 251 members of parliament of among N.L.D and
friends of N.L.D. Soon after the committee was established parliament
speaker Dr. Saw Mra Aung, Chairman of Arakan League for Democracy (ALD)
and many others M.Ps were arrested. SPDC (a new name of SLORC) did not
announce their eventual arrest but told that they were only invited to
give reception in the state guesthouse.

Since the election year 1990 up to now, human rights of the people are
being violated. People are massacred and are being ethnic cleansed,
being forced to work without any charge and brought as porters as well
as human - shield - in the frontier area. Women are being raped and the
arrested M.Ps, writers, journalists who are against the junta die in
prison. Worrying that student demonstrations might be revived,
universities and colleges through out the country were closed since 1996
and still not opened.

In the meantime, the Committee Representing the People's Parliament
works as a full-time working parliament while M.Ps are being kept in the
prison. Noble peace laureate and leader of the democratic opposition,
Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi gave clarification and appealed to the people all
about the committee concerned.

After the parliament elected in 1990 has approved country's
constitution, which met people's interest and was fitted with democratic
norms, it will continue to work its duty. That the parliament will work
its duty said by Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi means to form a legal and
democratic government.

Just when the government is formed by the Committee Representing
People's Parliament, the people of Burma will be free from the painful
life of the victim under an evil system.

If the government could not be initiated by N.L.D, the winner party of
the 1990 election, the people will have to suffer further from the
violation of the human rights in the time coming ahead too. It seems
that the crisis presently Burma is facing will be overcome only through
the helps and intervention implemented by world democracy.