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Goodwill Cultural Concert hampered

Subject: Goodwill Cultural Concert hampered by Dissidents

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Embassy of the Union of Myanmar


Goodwill Cultural Concert hampered by Dissidents 

It is deeply regrettable that the precious Myanmar Cultural
Show which has made great inroads to Impress the Japanese
audience was abruptly ended on 23rd May 1999 before its
final performance was made, due to the evil premeditated
scheme of the destructive elements. Bent on disrupting the
concert by every means to politicize their narrow-minded
short term gain, the most successful performance regrettably
fell victim to their conspiracy. However, the Concert has been
a great success for being able to reveal the richness of
Myanmar Cultural Heritage which has been maintained from
generation to generation. 

The destructive elements, meticulously following the plan of
their pseudo-democracy masters who have no regard for
Culture nor civilization. A group of Myanmar dissidents,
lackeys of their pseudo-democracy masters, were admitted
to see the show after giving promises to behave peacefully in
the audience in the Concert suddenly howled slogans to
distract the spectators. Towards the completion of the first
show of the second day, they started shouting obscene
before the departure of the audience. 

Organizers of the concert repeatedly persuaded them gently
not to disturb the public order, but to no avail. The shouting
became only louder. While attempting to subdue them, a
scuffle ensued and two Concert-loving volunteers were
slightly injured as they tried to dislodge them from the
theater. It was learnt later that two of the dissidents also were
reportedly beaten up by the onlookers sitting by the door,
seemingly could not bear the insults being made by the

dissidents. Soon after they got out of the theater, they started
to shout again "Aung Bee, Aung Bee" meaning "We did it, we
have won, our plan has been successful". 

It is evident that the whole thing was a setup, a premeditated
scheme hedged by their masters who were possibly among
the demonstrators across the street. To the astonishment and
also learnt that the wife of the dissident, who was injured, was
recording with her video camera, smiling all a long, during her
be-loved husband was scuffling. Later this lady spreaded
rumours that the Embassy staff forcibly confiscated her video

Circumstantial evidence of collaboration between the police
and the demonstrators, tagged along by a lawyer abound,
which will come to the fore in no time, as truth shall
eventually prevail. To mention a few cases in example, the
demonstrators threaten the local staff of the Embassy who
volunteered to assist the Concert on their way out of the
theater, and verbal threats were made to the Embassy's
Japanese local staff who passed through the demonstrators
on her way to shopping. It is astounding to see that the Kanda
police could simply ignore such breach of public order. The
local staff victim is still frightened. 

The artists and the Concert Loving Volunteers, staffs of
Myanmar Embassy, including Ambassador H.E. U Khin
Maung Thein were confined inside the theater for a certain
period of time, while solving the problems incited by the
destructive elements as the police procrastinated the
investigation procedures. The Ambassador was the last
person to leave the scene after seeing to it that every single
volunteer and all his staff and families leave the scene

The next day, 24th May 1999, a group of knife-wielding
dissidents, surely without proper permission, abruptly
sneaked before the Embassy, shouting obscene threats
before they were driven out by the Shinagawa Police. 

The Embassy will lodge a strong protest to the lawless
parties concerned who are responsible for the incident. 

Click here to see "Japan-Myanmar Cultural Concert, A Great
Success", a statement issued by Myanmar Embassy, Tokyo
on 22nd May 1999" 


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