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Bkk post-Shans clash with junta uni

Subject: Bkk post-Shans clash with junta units

Bangkok Post May 27, 1999.
Shans clash with junta units
Mae Hong Son

The Shan State Army has killed three soldiers in attacks on Rangoon units
since Saturday, sources said yesterday.

Three attacks by SSA troops were reported in one day. One target was a
police station 2km north of Ho Mong, and the junta responded by sending 300
soldiers to the former Mong Tai Army base, they said.

However, they were slowed by heavy rain and muddy terrain

It was believed the attacks were intended to put pressure on drug dealers
operating in Shan state, who pay protection fees to Burmese troops.

Heavy fighting between rebels and junta forces was unlikely in the rainy
season, however, the sources said.

Senior officers from the Third Army met Mae Hong Son Governor Samrueng
Punyopakorn to discuss progress on the investigation into the raid on Nam
Piang Din police station.