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APRIL 4TH- 1999

The Assembly of Overseas Mon National Students' Organization had been held
on April 4, 1999 in Bangkok. At the Assembly, the members of (OMNSO)
elected the following Central Committee Members.


1. Nai Mon Thike 			           				              Chairman
2. Nai Kun Chan Dong 			      		                  Vice Chairman
3. Nai Soeng Kha Mann 			          		             Secretary General
4. Mi Ong Htaw  (Khin Aye Myint) 			    Joint Secretary General
5. Nai Banya Mon (Min Zin Thu) 		           	           Foreign Affair
6. Nai Htaw Rot (Kuaw Oo) 		             Organization Affairs Department
7. Nai Tine Rot (Naing Win) 	   		        Political Affairs Department
8. Nai Nyi Nyi Chan 			           Education and Health Department
9. Nai Mae Ba Gon (Min Ngwe Thein) 	          News and Information Department
10. Mi Rot Pa Kao 				                                 Finance Department
11. Min Layee Mon 			          Finance Department (Assistant in Charge)
12. Mi Gore Chai 					         Women Affairs Department
13. Nai Thi Ha 						     Inspection Department
14. Nai Ku Rot 						  Disciplinary Department
15. Nai Layee Rot 			   Disciplinary Department (Assistant in Charge)

Note: Vice Chairman is directly responsible to the Social Affairs Department.

Assembly Celebrating Committee

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