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Declaration to BurmaNet and Friends

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(Overseas Mon National Students' Organization)


Date - 27th- May 1999.
Ref: 012-0599-OMNSO.

After the (8888) pro-democracy uprising of Burma, the activities formed
their political parties and were registered by the commission of the
Multi-Party Democracy General Election in 1989. Then they had participated
in the first Multi-Party Democracy General Election on the last 27th- May
1990 and won their own seats successfully on justice including NLD 392
seats and Mon National Democratic Fronts (MNDF) 5 seats.

Although the National League for Democracy (NLD) was going to be a leading
party on the general election SLORC now SPDC still refuse it to lead the
parliament for convening.
-Now, not only they also, SLORC also SPDC, have been refusing to NLD for
calling the parliament but also they have been imprisoning and detaining
the elected representatives of MNDF name of the Chairman Nai Tun Thein, Dr.
Min Soe Lin, Dr. Min Kyi Win, Vice Chairman Nai Ngwe Thein and Mon
organizers since Auguest 1990 in Mon State of Burma to the current time
with full of oppressions toward Mon people. And then Nai Thaung Shein
elected representative of the Kawkareik, and strong organizers of Mon
National Democratic Front (MNDF) have been fleeing to Thailand for their
past anti-stratocracy also military dictatorship political activities in
Mon State of Burma.

Therefore, we, OMNSO strongly demand and call to the SLORC also SPDC such
as on the following points on 9th- Anniversary of the 1990 Multi-Parti
Democracy General Election of Burma.

· To respect the results of the 1990 May General Eletion.
· To allow in teaching Mon Language.
· To immediately release the elected representatives and organizers of MNDF.

We, OMNSO have declared that OMNSO always oppose to any individuals and
organizations, who and which supported to and joined with SLORC also SPDC
of Burma, have been backing to the Parliament Representative Committee with
unconditional and strongly promised that we are always and ever ready to
end stratocracy, for democracy including Autonomy of Mon State.

Central Executive Committee
Overseas Mon National Students' Organization

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