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RANGOON- Marking the ninth anniversary of an election annulled by the
military regime, oppostion leader Aung Ssn Suu Kyi said yesterday that
repression of her supporters had reached unprecedentedlevels.

One of the ruling generals meanwhile claimed thad tha country was movig
toward democracy.

The streets of Gangoon were calm. But in Bangkok exiled dissidents cut
their erists and dripped blood on a Burmese flag,thein set io alight,
during a demonstration by about 200 people outside the Burmese Embassy.
In Burma,pevious anniversaries of the May 27,1990,elections have beem
preceded by mass arrests of supporters of Nobel Peace Prize-winner Suu
Kyi's political party,the National league for Democracy.

A crackdown to smash the party's infrastructure that began in August-a
reponse to Suu Kyi's damand that the parliament finally be seated-has led
to thousands of members being held indefinitely, and this year there are
few people left to round up.

The state-run press has carried articles eaches day claiming that
hundreds of NLD membera have resigned and party headquaeters nerar the
foot of the tow of the towering,golden Shwedagon Pagoda, the country's
holiest Buddhist shrine.

Suu Kyi renewed calls for dialogue with the government and vowed that her
party would continue working for