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NEWS - Thai Army Plans Eco-Tourism

Subject: NEWS - Thai Army Plans Eco-Tourism to Save Forest

Thai Army Plans Eco-Tourism to Save Forest


               BANGKOK (May 28) XINHUA - The Thai Army is pushing ahead
with plans to
               promote eco-tourism in the Salween forest in the north to
help protect the teak-rich
               area from further destruction, the Bangkok Post said

               Parts of the Salween forest, located in the northern
province of Mae Hong Son near
               the Thai-Myanmar border, would be set aside so people
could view the natural
               beauty of the forest and the Salween river, which marks
the border, the newspapers
               quoted a senior army officer based in the area as saying. 

               Illegal logging is reported to be widespread in the
Salween area, which comprises
               the Salween wildlife sanctuary, the Salween national park
and the Salween forest

               The forestry prevention and suppression center has seized
125 pieces of teak wood
               and 132 pieces of processed teak and other wood since May