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Slave labour in Thantlang, Chin Sta

Subject: Slave labour in Thantlang, Chin State

Slave labour In Thantlang, Chin State

The Burmese army in the Thangtlang area, Chin State, continuously forced the 
villagers including men and women, the old and young, the pastors, the 
teachers and students without attending school, to build the car road (50 
miles long) between Vuangtu village and Thantlang  town from dawn to 11:oo 
Pm without a rest, except the times of lunch and dinner. The army officers 
ordered them "to complete the road before the coming monsoon season that 
starts normally in the end of May." Nothing is provided for the villagers.

A very tired man, Pa Za Kung, from Vomkua village, who took a rest in a 
moment, was beaten and killed on the spot by the army on 5/5/99, on account 
of taking rest without permits from the army. Another man, aschool teacher 
of Salen village, was beaten by the army and sent to the hospital for 
treatment who is in a serious condition.
On 11/5/99, the forced labors were ordered to explode ( dynamite ) the rocky 
road. After that they were forced to pick up the stones on the road while 
the stones have been being rolling down on the road from ( above ) the high 
rock. Villagers explained the army to pick up then stones when the stones 
are in normal condition but the army refused, beat and forced them again to 
pick up the stones.The rolling stones, therefore, hit and pressed one man 
from Vomkua villages, and each two perosons from Ze Phai and Hriphi 
villages. Their friends saw and went to rescue them but the army ordered not 
to rescue them, rather they said, " Don't help them, if they are killed by 
the stones it is for the country." The army beat and forbad not to rescue 
the persons those who are under the pressure of the rocks. "All were 
seriously injured and sent to the hospital who are now in serious 
conditions," said by our reporters.

Today, 28 families of  Ze Phai village deserted their homes and villages, 
and went to India where they are living as refugees due to forced labors, 
human right violations and difficult living .

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