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As Military Spends, Mis

Subject: Re: As Military Spends,             Misery Deepens in Burma (Washington Post ...

CIA Drug  Report on Burma 
30 May 1999

On the 7th of January 1999 the USG denied certification to Burma on drugs.The 
following is the CIA report based on facts found by the agency in 1998.


Julien Moe
Illicit drugs: world's largest illicit producer of opium (cultivation in 
1997?155,150 hectares, a 5% decline from 1996; potential production?2,365 
metric tons, an 8% drop from 1996) and a minor producer of cannabis for the 
international drug trade; surrender of drug warlord KHUN SA's Mong Tai Army 
in January 1996 was hailed by Rangoon as a major counternarcotics success, 
but lack of serious government commitment and resources continue to hinder 

the overall antidrug effort; growing role in the production of 
methamphetamines for regional consumption.