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CRPP and 9999

Dear  activists,

  Our leading CRPP , Committee Representing People's Parliament has made a 
number of resolutions regardings internal external affairs of Burma. I felt 
such a wonderful feeling that a leading authority like CRPP has shown their 
care and love to all people including ethnic naitonalities. That is what we 
deserve as people.

  One thing I think important to point out is that It is very encourgaing to 
learn CRPP is going to lobby the international bodies such as UNO,  EU 
parliament, directly .
( resolution no.7 of the notification  dated 27th May 1999) .

as most of us are residing outside Burma can do our best to support the 
works CRPP want to do on international bodies, Members of Parliamentatarain 
Union - in - exile is the most appropriate organization to represent CRPP 
around the world . But it fully depends on CRPP to whom they want to 
authorise represetation. I will support who ever CRPP want to authorise.

I believe all the campaigners must intensify our efforts to support CRPP . 
major campaign such as 9999 global day of action should up hold 'support 
CRPP' as the major theme.

besides , boycott comapy campaign such Suzuki, Total , Unocan, Pacrim should 
link up with CRPP. For example, we memebrs of ABSDO going to protest aginst 
the Australia- Brisbane base Pacrim Energy multi-national oil company to 
withdraw from Burma . They signed teh contract with illegal regime and 
legitimate authority , CRPP does not recognise their contract with SPDC. 
PAcrim must not do business with regime until parliamentarians are free and  
parliament is convene.

Just an idea to share with all of you.



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