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Declaration of Chin National Front

General Headquarters


During the life span of the Second Conference of the Chin National Front ( 
CNF ), the Second Central Committee Meeting was successfully held from March 
10, 1999 to April 10,1999 in attendance were all the Central Committee 
members working in and out of the country.

At the meeting, dicussions (emphasis) were focused on issues relative to the 
resistance movement of ethnic groups against the oppressive military junta 
and the movement of Democratic forces under existing conditions, the 
hardships faced daily by the public, the lack of public health care and the 
loss of education suffered by youngsters due to Colleges and Schools being 
closed down by the military junta.

As we are in the period of national revolution today, deliberation on how 
all the Chin people will be able to participate in the revolution in any way 
they can  was a matter of high priority at the meeting.

The increase of human right violations committed by the Peace and 
Developement Council reached its peak at the persecution inflicted upon 
people in the name of  the student game held at Hakha in 1998 and 
highlighted also by the constant repression of the call for a parliamentary 

The meeting demanded immediate and unconditional release of elected 
parliament members of the 1990 election. The decision was also made to 
continue to support the formation of senate representatives in order to 
prepare a call for a parliamentary conference.

To effectively deter a surge of opium cultivation and production in the 
western part of Burma, bordering India and Bangladesh, due to the 
encouragement by the Burmese military junta, the meeting decided to work in 
full cooperation with Non Governmental Organizations that are 
internationally working against international drug traficking.

The policy of "stay-clean" with  the internal affairs of India and 
Bangladesh is also clearly laid down.  These countries are regarded as 
important neighbouring countries in the fight for democracy in Burma.

At the meeting it was also declared that more stronger measure to be taken 
to be able to work more effectively and cooperatively with countries that 
impose sanctions against the military junta and with other democracy forces 
such as the National Democratic Front (NDF), the Democratic Alliance of 

Burma (DAB), and the National Council of the Union of Burma (NCUB).

Central Committee

April 14, 1999

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