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A congratulation letter by NCA to t

Subject: A congratulation letter by NCA to the latest decision made by ILO on 

A congratulation letter by NCA to the latest decision made by ILO on
forced labor in Burma.


Mr, Juan Somavia
Director General
Head Office
International Labor Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Dateed: 23rd June, 99

Dear sir,

1. It is gladly informed that we, National Committee of Arakan (NCA), on
behalf of the entire oppressed people of Arakan who have been long
suffering from under the forced labor imposed by the military junta of
Burma, warmly welcome and highly congratulate the humanitarian and
sympathetic attitude and initiative provided by Mr. Clinton, the
President of US who urged ILO to take serious action against Burmese
Junta, the one which unlimitedly violated all norms and regulations of
ILO as well as the same to the ILO itself for their latest decision
against the Burmese junta to stop its all support to the junta and to
bar the junta from all ILO meetings and conferences.  Along with our
congratulation, our further suggestions to your honorable authorities of
ILO are as the followings:
2. In order to eliminate that extreme various human rights abuses along
with its ethnic cleansing barbarous policy committed by the junta, Aung
Sann Suu Kyi, the democratic leader of main opposition, National League
for Democracy (NLD), the winner party of 1990 general election, after
the election result was ignored and power was never handed over by the
junta, appealed to the international communities to impose economic
sanction against the notorious Burmese military junta.
3. Though economic sanction was put into effect, the junta, finding
various tricky ways for the prosperity of only their Burmese generals
clique and always ignoring the extreme poor economic situation of the
people, is permanently opposing the cause of democracy while joining
hands with the countries ruled under the military or autocracy in any
rate and thus defied the sanction.
4. Therefore, even though the action against the junta was taken by the
ILO, if the junta is persistent to pursue its evil policy of forced
labor and the human rights abuses upon its own people, ILO should bring
this case before the court of International justice to file where the
junta should be tried.

5. Together with stopping all ILO support to the junta other facilities
in international airways and seaways used by the junta should be also
banned because all manpower in those sectors are also more or less
controlled by ILO.  Without these practical action done by ILO, all the
decision will go ineffective like the previous decisions initiated by UN
against the junta. We maintain that that should not be in this time
6. Moreover, along with ILO present action, membership of the Burmese
junta in the United Nations should be removed and the initiative should
be encouraged by ILO in order to uproot all human rights abuses and to
bring about fully democracy in Burma.

Thanking you again,

Yours truly,

Khine Aung Kyaw
National Committee of Arakan (NCA)