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Kunming Initiative: China, Burma, I

Subject: Kunming Initiative: China, Burma, India & Bangladesh

(International Conference on Regional Cooperation and Development held
in Kunming on August 15-17, 1999)

Over 100 officials and scholars from India, Burma, China and Bangladesh
have called, in an international conference held in Kunming on August
15-17, 1999, for forging a long-term relation of friendship and joint
efforts to accelerate economic development in the region. The main
topics discussed on the conference included:

1. Practical and strategically significance for the regional cooperation
among China, India, Bangladesh and Burma;
2. Feasibility of cooperation in the economic, trade and technological
cooperation among China (Yunnan), India, Bangladesh and Burma (including
industry, agriculture, tourism and finance);
3. Study on the construction of communication channels and networks
among China, India, Bangladesh and Burma (including the opening and
reconstructing roads, air lines, water routes and railways);
4. Prospect and basis for the economic cooperation among China, India,
Bangladesh and Burma;
5. Open-door policies and trade and investment environment for China,
India, Bangladesh and Burma;
6. Construct the framework for regional cooperation in China, India,
Bangladesh and Burma.

A "Kunming Initiative" had been discussed and signed by the delegation
leaders for the four delegations (China, India, Burma and Bangladesh).
The "Kunming Initiative" is quoted as follow:

1. The Conference on Regional Economic Cooperation and Development among
China, India, Burma and Bangladesh was held in Kunming from August 15 to
17, 1999 under the auspices of Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences and the
Yunnan Provincial Economic and Technological Research Center.

2. The Conference was acknowledged by all to be a great success.  There
was broad agreement on the need for regional cooperation among the four
participating countries an their sub-regions.  The consensus favoured
carrying forward the Kunming process and calling upon the four
Governments to encourage this Initiative.

3. It would accordingly be highly desirable to establish a Forum for
Regional Economic Cooperation among the four countries.  As a first
step, the Conference recommended the designation by each delegation of
two persons to constitute a Working Group or Coordination Committee.

4. It was agreed that regional cooperation should be guided by the Five
Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, emphasizing equality and mutual
benefit, sustainable development, comparative advantages, adoption of
international standards, and infrastructure development in order to
enhance connectivity and facilitate the widest possible economic

5. The task of country members of the Working Group will be:
a. To report the outcome of the Kunming Conference on Regional
Cooperation to the four respective Governments, their business and trade
Chambers and the sponsoring academic institutions.

b. Based on this feedback, to formulate a programme of action with
immediate medium tern and long term priorities in relation to the
mutually beneficial vision of regional cooperation endorsed by the

c. Thereafter, to convene a Preparatory Meeting of the Working Group to
approve this plan of action with such amendments as may be adopted.

d. List areas of further action, research and study by business
associations, scholars, national institutions, and the concerned
governments in order to ensure early institutionalization of the
proposed Forum for Regional Cooperation among China, India, Burma and

e. Lay down operational procedures for the functioning of the Forum and
its subsidiary organs, their structures, sources of funding, and other
relevant matters within the agreed framework of regional cooperation.

6. The Kunming Initiative for the establishment of the Forum for
Regional Economic Cooperation will require the formal approval of the
four governments.

7. The participants expressed their deep thanks to the Government of
Yunnan, YASS (Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences), the Yunnan Provincial
Economic and Technological research Center and all others responsible
for their wonderful hospitality and initiative in organizing such a
fruitful and path breaking Conference.

Signed in Kunming, China on August 17, 1999