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Mizzima: Arrested Burmese in Mizora

Arrested Burmese in Mizoram deported to Burma

Mizzima News Group (www.mizzima.com)
Aizawl, August 6, 2000

The authorities in Mizoram State of India have started deporting the
Burmese nationals who are arrested from various parts of the state in a
crackdown against the illegal immigrants. Total 87 Burmese, mostly Chin
ethnic nationals, were handed over yesterday by the Mizoram police to
the authorities in Burma across the Indo-Burma border at Rid stream,
sources in the area said.

The Burmese authorities have allowed the deported Burmese only after
screening them of being Burma citizens. More than four hundred Burma
immigrants have been so far arrested throughout the State in the
crackdown, which launched on July 28.

The arrested Burmese are being sentenced for seven to ten days
imprisonment by the court for illegal entry into India and then deported
to their country.

Due to political and economic turmoil in Burma, estimated between 40,000
to 50, 000 Chin and Burmese nationals are living in Mizoram State of
India, which borders with Chin State of Burma.

The state authorities said that the latest crackdown against the Burmese
would continue for a month as nearly 70 percent of the crimes in the
state are being committed by the Chin and Burmese nationals in Mizoram.
The authorities have, however, restrained from arresting the Burma
pro-democracy activists taking shelter in the State.