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Statement of Burma pro-democracy ac

12th Anniversary of "8888 Uprising in Burma"

On 8th August of 12 years ago, the people of Burma from all walks of life marched through the streets of the country demanding for political and economic changes and an end to the one-party system.

However, the military opened fire on the demonstrators and it is estimated that in the five days from August 8 to 12, more than 3,000 demonstrators were shot and killed throughout the country by the security forces. But the killings and brutal shootings of the heavily armed troops could not snuff out the agitation. The people continued to carry on the street demonstrations with their demands for restoration of democracy and human rights in the country. When the then government was unable to halt the mounting protests of the people, the military decided to re-assert its power on 18th September 1988 with the bloody coup led by General Saw Maung.

The "8888" - Four Eight Uprising was a nation-wide people's movement, which broke out on an unprecedented scale in the history of Burma. Three presidents of the then one-party rule had to step down from power due to the massive pressure of the people's demonstrations throughout the country. Although democracy and human rights are yet to restore in Burma, the democracy activists both inside and outside the country continue to be unwavering in their commitment to carry out the struggle for restoration of democracy in Burma.

In 1998, a 10-member Committee for Representing People's Parliament (CRPP) was formed on behalf of the Members of Parliament before the parliament can convene. It has gained support from the democratic forces and ethnic nationalities of Burma.

Governments, international institutions and the United Nations General Assembly have condemned the military junta for human rights abuses in the country and for not transferring power to the elected Members of Parliament. Although India has been a staunch supporter of democracy around the world, it has been lately silent on the political repression being committed by the junta in Burma. Moreover, India has been, in recent years, establishing a "working relationship" with the oppressive Burmese military government.

To commemorate the historic event (8888 Uprising) and honor those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their life for the justice, freedom and democracy, we Burma pro-democracy activists based in India hold a public demonstration today (12th Anniversary of 8.8.88 Uprising) in New Delhi.

On this historic day of the 12th Anniversary of "8888 Uprising" in Burma, we demand the ruling military regime in Burma:

1)	To enter into a dialogue with the Committee for Representing People's Parliament (CRPP) to break the political deadlock in the country;
2)	To unconditionally and immediately release all political prisoners in the country:
3)	To honour and implement the result of the 1990 May election in which the National League for Democracy won a landslide victory.

We also would like to appeal to the international community:

1)	To increase diplomatic pressure on the military junta of Burma to implement the various resolutions of the United Nations on Burma,
2)	To make concerted efforts to economically sanction against the Burmese junta which never respects the verdict of the people.

Lastly, we would like to appeal to the people of India and Government of India to extend active support to the democratic movement of Burma and to render material support to the Burma democracy activists in India.

Burma pro-democracy activists based in India

Date: August 8, 2000
New Delhi, India

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