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Burma's 8-8-88 Massacres Commemorat

Burma's 8-8-88 Massacres Commemorated in more than 8 Countries

The Rangoon Post - Free Burma Independent Media
8 August, 2000

  Free Burma activists,the elected NCGUB government and friends of Burma, are 
commemorating the massacres of up to 10,000 men, women, monks and children.  

  In Washington, D.C. there will be the traditional wreath laying ceremony at 
the embassy residence as well as a demonstration at the Japanese embassy. At 
junta control embassies and consulates around the world from Malaysia to 
London and Tokyo to South Africa demonstrators will meet on August 8th to 
remember the martyrs and again present their demands that range from "Halting 
human rights abuses by the military" to stepping down and allowing the 
legally elected and legitimate government led by Prime Minister Doctor Sein 
Win into power.

   Will Burma be free in 2000? It remains to be seen. Some insiders are very 
confident this year. While others are skeptical that the junta in all its 
various forms over the past 38 years will even decide to do the right thing 
for the country this time and not what they want.