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Crack-down on Burma immigrants in M

A notification circulated in one locality of Aizawl (Instant

Total Prohibition Committee
Electric Veng, Aizawl, 6th August 2000

On 6th May 2000, Electric Veng voluntary organizations such as Young
Mizo Association (YMA), Mizo Women Association (MHIP), MZP, VDP, Widow
Association and Village Council and all political parties' office
bearers of the Electric Veng locality in Aizawl had a procession,
demanding total prohibition of drugs and intoxicated drugs within the

A resolution was passed by the above mentioned voluntary organizations
after the procession in the Electric Veng on that day. The resolution
gave a three month period to those illegal traders, smugglers of drugs
and other intoxicated things to leave from the Electric Veng locality,
failing to which will be faced strong actions.

Again on 3rd August, the committee held a meeting on how to take action
on those who did not respect the resolution and then made a second
notification to those illegal immigrants and drug smugglers in the area.

The meeting has decided that after the second notification, if those
illegal immigrants still remain in the area, the committee would urge
the government to take strong actions against these illegal settlers and
drug traders.

House owners are also informed not to rent out to such foreigners or
illegal settlers as tenets. All those illegal immigrants renting houses
in the locality should be checked out immediately after this

And also local Mizos of Electric Veng who trade drugs and wine are now
given warning and if they continue to do this immoral trading, voluntary
organizations will take actions and will try to cancel their house

A News report from HNEHTU newspaper, Aizawl,
dated 3 August 2000

Jail condition in Mizoram State

There are 1,326 prisoners in all Mizoram jails. Central Jail is very
congested now with the Burmese being arrested in the state. Only 400 to
500 prisoners are used to put in the Central Jail but from 3rd August
the jail has become congested and total 846 prisoners were there in the
central jail.

In Champhai jail, there are now 56, jail of Saiha in southern Mizoram 68
and Kollasib jail is with 79 prisoners. There are total 200 prisoners in
Lunglei jail. The reason why jails in Mizoram became crowded is the
arrest of Burmese from different parts by the police in the state.

A news report from MIZO ARSI (star) newspaper, Aizawl,
Dated 7th August, 2000

Overdosed person died in lock-up

On 7th August 2000, a Chin, namely Lalrinchhana, who says himself from
being Tuikual C of Aizawl, died in lock-up due to overdose. His body was
taken away by his maternal Uncle T.C Vungana who lives in Chhiga Veng of