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Mizzima: Poems from Burma

Mizzima News Group, August 12, 2000 (www.mizzima.com)

(The followings are two poems recently sent to her son in exile by a
Burmese mother in Rangoon.)


The world has become lovelier with you,
You may be far apart with us,
But don't suffer loneliness;
Although no freedom of body and soul,
I don't want you to be depressed,
Get ready to let yourself rising in the sunshine,
You should eager to ripen and get ready
to die (Your oldself and doomsday)
Get ready to be born again,
You are a newborn child,
With hearty love of your devoted mother!

With love and best wishes,
Your beloved Mother


Reign of Terror I never heard,
Henry the Eight of the 20th Century and 21st Century
I come across,
With Louis XVI and his queen of our epoch,
people become retched,
worst than the reign of Terror I become shock,
Many episodes minute by minute in prison,
the victim suffered,
Heroes in the pitch black and in
their world of darkness I honoured,
Carry on my beloved SON, the most valuable
deeds you have done!
Died hero and the word "coward" not found
in your dictionary I'm sure,
I devoted and sympathised your achievements

Hope to see you in recent time,
Your devoted MOTHER