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The Oil and Gas Journal
July 24, 2000


     IN PIPELINE NEWS, Myanmar told a three-company group to proceed with a 
project to build a $ 200 million natural gas pipeline from Myanmar's 
largest hydrocarbon
resource--Yadana gas field in the Gulf of Martaban--to an onshore location 
near the capital city of
Yangon (see map).

The decision came as Myanmar's ruling junta realized that, although the 
price of oil used by its power
plants has become prohibitive, the country has an alternative: to use 
cheaper, indigenous gas. However,
the other elements of the plan--a consortium-owned power station and 
fertilizer plant--remain on hold
indefinitely. Unocal confirmed that the Yadana-to-Yangon pipeline 
consortium, which includes
TotalFinaElf and Mitsui, was recently advised by the government to go ahead 
with the gas pipeline
project. The 20-in., 241-km gas pipeline was planned as part of the 
so-called "Three-in-One" project
first contemplated in the mid-1990s as an element of the overall 
development of Yadana gas.