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Mitsubishi to buy 40% of Myanmar fi

Chemical News & Intelligence
July 13, 2000

  Mitsubishi to buy 40% of Myanmar field's condensate

BYLINE: Wing Gar Cheng

DATELINE: Singapore

Japanese trading giant Mitsubishi Corp plans to buy up to 40% of the 
petrochemical feedstock
condensate output from Yetagun natural gas development project, offshore 
Myanmar, CNI learned

The gas project, which involves UK's Premier Oil plc, Malaysia's Petronas, 
Nippon Mitsubishi Oil
Corp and Petroleum Authority of Thailand, is scheduled to begin full 
production by August.

The gas field is expected to yield 6500 bbl/day of condensate and 200m 
cubic feet/day of natural gas.

The bulk of the condensate will be sold mainly to Asian markets.