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Dismissals said causing restiveness

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
August 22, 2000

Dismissals said causing restiveness among defence personnel

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma, Oslo, in Burmese 1430 gmt 20 Aug 00

Text of report by Burmese opposition radio on 20th August

The ongoing dismissals, removals, and purges within the top leadership of 
the State Peace and
Development Council [SPDC] army are making the SPDC defence services 
restive and the SPDC
generals are having to attend to the problem themselves.

Recently Vice-Adm Nyunt Thein, navy commander in chief, was given 
retirement and SPDC Deputy
Minister for National Planning and Economic Development Brig-Gen Zaw Tun 
was dismissed. Some
battalion and divisional commanders were dismissed during the tour of 
Tenasserim Division and the
Coastal Region Command by SPDC Vice-Chairman Gen Maung Aye last month. 
These developments
have caused much dissatisfaction and restlessness within the defence 
services that the SPDC
government had to issue a directive dated 18th August.

The directive instructs regional commanders, divisional commanders, deputy 
regional commanders,
deputy battalion commanders, strategic commanders, and tactical commanders 
to go to the battalions
and units in the field and hold discussions with the soldiers to make them 
understand the situation. In
accordance with the directive, Maj-Gen Thiha Thura Sit Maung, commander in 
chief of the Coastal
Region Command, met with members of battalions and units in Mergui and 
Kawthaung Districts and
Deputy Commander Brig-Gen Tin Latt met with the soldiers in Tavoy District.

Deputy Commander Brig-Gen Tin Latt and party visited the 104th Light 
Infantry Battalion based at
Tawgye village in Tavoy District at 0900 this morning, 20th August, and met 
with junior officers and

The deputy commander blamed broadcasts from the foreign radio stations for 
the restiveness within the
defence services and strictly forbade all dependents and rank and file in 
the battalions and units from
listening to foreign radio stations such as the BBC, VOA, DVB, and RFA. The 
deputy commander
issued an order saying that those who listen to these radio stations will 
be severely punished.