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[myanmar] Dismissals said causing r

In a message dated 08/22/2000 4:14:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
darnott@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< The deputy commander blamed broadcasts from the foreign radio stations for 
 the restiveness within the
 defence services and strictly forbade all dependents and rank and file in 
 the battalions and units from
 listening to foreign radio stations such as the BBC, VOA, DVB, and RFA. The 
 deputy commander
 issued an order saying that those who listen to these radio stations will 
 be severely punished.

    Oh I'm sure this will work real well........."Stop listening to the Voice 
    America or BBC or we'll punish you severely"..........What does the
    SPDC have for soldiers? Little boys who have to be in bed by 9PM at
    night? What a joke and international military weakness Khin Nyunt has
    placed on the table for all the world to see...God, I can't believe this