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Fwd: Briefing Note No. 3.

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>>I apologize that these briefing notes have not yet been translated into
>>French and Spanish. The texts in French and/or Spanish will be sent out to
>>those who requested them once they are available.
>>Briefing Note 3.  August 24, 2000
>>NGO Liason for the WCAR
>>Briefing Note 3 is intended to update you on new developments and to
>>provide information in response to frequently asked questions.
>>(1) Regional Meeting for the Americas
>>The Group of Latin American and Caribbean States (GRULAC) has decided that
>>Canada and the USA will be full participants in the Regional meeting in
>>Santiago, Chile, 4-6 December.
>>(2) Information Concerning NGO Participation in the Regional Expert
>>NGOs wishing to participate in the regional expert seminars being organized
>>by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in preparation for
>>the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and
>>Related Intolerance (WCAR) should note the following:
>>a. If your organization has consultative status with the United Nations
>>Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) or has been accredited to the WCAR,
>>your NGO  will receive an invitation to participate as an "observer".
>>Observers may take part in the Seminar discussions and distribute
>>b. If your organization has neither ECOSOC consultative status nor
>>accreditation to the WCAR, your representative(s) may follow the seminar as
>>from the public gallery. However, persons in the public gallery do not
>>participate in the seminar discussions; nor can they distribute
>>c. In order to ensure access to the Seminar, any NGO wishing to attend,
>>must forward  to our Office by mail or facsimile, on official letterhead,
>>the names of its designated representative(s) as soon as possible.
>>d. For further inquiries on specific expert seminars, please contact the
>>following persons:
>>      Expert Seminar for Asia (Bangkok), 5-7 September 2000. Theme:
>>      "Migrants and Trafficking of Persons, with Particular Reference to
>>      Women and Children" (Point Person: Gloria Nwabuogu. Email:
>>      gnwabuogu.hchr@xxxxxxxx Tel. 41-22 917-9394.)
>>      Expert Seminar for Africa (Addis Ababa), 4-6 October 2000. Theme:
>>      "Preventing Ethnic and Racial Conflict" (Point Person: Aziz Ndiaye.
>>      Email: andiaye.hchr@xxxxxxxx Tel. 41-22 917-9826.)
>>      Expert Seminar for Latin America (Santiago de Chile),  25-27 October
>>      2000. Theme: Economic, Social and Legal Measures to Combat Racial
>>      Discrimination, with Particular Reference to Vulnerable Groups (Point
>>      Person:Sandra Aragon. Email: saragon.hchr@xxxxxxxx Tel. 41-22
>>      917-9129).
>>(3) Financial Support for NGO Participation in the Regional Preparatory
>>The Office of the High Commissioner has secured funding to subsidize the
>>participation of NGOs in the Regional Preparatory meetings for Africa
>>(Dakar, Senegal, 2-4 November 2000), the Americas (Santiago, Chile, 4-6
>>December) and Asia (Teheran, Iran, 19-21 February). In each case, NGOs will
>>meet for at least one day prior to the Regional Preparatory meeting.
>>For each region, one NGO has been asked to take charge of the logistical
>>arrangements for NGOs for that meeting, and to establish a steering
>>committee for the region (approximately 8-10 organizations, representing
>>all geographic sub-regions and relevant social sectors, e.g., minorities,
>>indigenous, women, youth). The regional steering committees are presently
>>establishing criteria for selecting the NGOs to be subsidized in their
>>region. They will then select the NGOs which will receive financial
>>assistance on the basis of these criteria.
>>NGOs wishing to attend the Regional Preparatory meetings and in need of
>>financial assistance should write to the organization charged with
>>logistical arrangements for that region (as noted below).
>>      For Africa (in Dakar, Senegal, 1-4 November). Mr. Alioune Tine at
>>      Rencontre africaine pour la défense des droits de l'homme (RADDHO)
>>      <raddho@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> or fax. (221) 824-6052.
>>      For the Americas (in Santiago, Chile, 3-6 December 2000). Ms. Inés
>>      Reichel, at the Instituto Inter-Americano de Derechos Humanos (IIDH)
>>      <ireichel@xxxxxxxxxx> or fax.  (506) 234-0955.
>>      For Asia (in Teheran, Iran, 18-21 February 2001. Ms. Nimalka Fernando
>>      at the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and
>>      Racism (IMADR) <imadr@xxxxxx> or fax. (94-1) 682-505.
>>All NGOs wishing to attend the Regional Preparatory meetings have to be
>>accredited to the World Conference if they do not have Consultative Status.
>>(Please see Briefing Note 2 for details on accreditation.)
>>(4) Financial Support for NGO Participation in Other Regional NGO Meetings
>>As noted in Briefing Note 3, the OHCHR is supporting four other regional
>>meetings at which NGOs will be able to plan their input into the NGO Forum
>>to take place in South Africa in parallel with the World Conference.  The
>>dates and venues of these meetings are not yet firmly established. However,
>>the following organizations are charged with  organizing the regional
>>consultations. In each case, regional steering committees are being
>>established to elaborate the criteria for selecting NGOs to participate,
>>selecting participants, and planning the programme.
>>As is the case with the Regional Preparatory meetings described above, if
>>your NGO wishes to participate in these regional NGO meetings, please
>>contact the organizing NGO and describe  (in a few paragraphs) their NGO
>>and its involvement in the struggle against racism, racial discrimination,
>>xenophobia or related intolerance; why it is important that a
>>representative of their organization attend the NGO consultation; and the
>>contribution they expect to make. NGOs should also feel free to nominate
>>other organizations they think should attend. Since time is short, if at
>>all possible, use e-mail -- if not, use fax -- as follows:
>>      For Africa (in Botswana, probably in the week 21-26 January 2001).
>>      Contact: Chantal Kisoon, Human Rights Centre, University of Pretoria,
>>      <ckisoon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or Fax. (27-12) 362-5125.
>>      For Asia and the Pacific (probably in Amman, Jordan). Contact: Mr.
>>      Nizam Assaf, Arab Organization for Human Rights <achrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>      or <aohr_jo@xxxxxxxxx> or Fax. (962-6) 465-4262.
>>      For the Americas (Quito, Ecuador). Contact: Ms. Irene Leon at Agencia
>>      Latinoamerican de Informacion (ALAI) at <ddhh@xxxxxxxxxxx> or Fax.
>>      (593-2) 505-073; or contact Mr. Mark Hecht at Human Rights Internet
>>      (HRI) at <hechtma@xxxxxx> or Fax. (1-613) 789-7414.
>>      For Eastern and Central Europe (Warsaw, Poland, 13-18 November).
>>      Contact, Mr. Marek Nowicki, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, at
>>      <jacquel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or fax. (48-22) 828-1008, 828-6996 or
>>      826-9875.
>>(5) NGO Forum in South Africa
>>At this point in time, I have no further information on the NGO Forum or on
>>assistance to NGOs to attend the World Conference itself. The OHCHR is
>>working on this and, as soon as information is available, I will share it
>>with you.
>>(6) Information to Post on the Web
>>NGOs who have information concerning the World Conference that they wish to
>>post on the web, please send it to me electronically and it will be posted
>>on <www.hri.ca/racism>. Also, remember that all official information is
>>posted on the website of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,
>><www.unhchr.ch> click on World Conference Against Racism.
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