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In a message dated 08/28/2000 6:46:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
darnott@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< By blocking the car of the
 Secretary-General of the party which won the 1990 elections, and preventing 
 from meeting NLD party members, DSIF has succeeded in highlighting:
 *  the lack of freedom of movement in Burma, in contradiction to the claims 
 the "authorities";
 * the junta's continued suppression of the NLD;
 * the regime's political insecurity within the country, despite its 
 military supremacy;
 * the international concern for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, not only from the 
 media, the
 general public, human rights organisations, the United States and Britain, 
 but also
 from France, which the SPDC has viewed as less unfriendly than some other EU
 countries. Even the official Chinese wire service, Xinhua,  covered the 
 * the incompetence of the junta in not learning from its public relations 
 two years ago when, in similar circumstances,  Daw Suu stayed in her car for
 13 days, and only returned to Rangoon at the insistence of her doctors;

    Okkar....excellent work by your folks on this situation.....You guys 
    (SPDC) look like international terrorists on this situation...You guys
    are really showing your intelligence to the international community.
    Well Done !!