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Development - focus on Sustainable and Endogenous Development

  • Sustainable development

    • Roots and Resources - global and regional experience and analysis (57)
      These documents and links may help people in Burma/Myanmar think about the risks and benefits of "development", especially when imposed from top and from outside, without full and deep consultation with the people whose are most affected. This and other sections (Land, Forests etc.) also cover corporate and military-corporate appropriation of land and other resources.

    • ifda dossier (international foundation for development alternatives - IFDA) (80)
      These are pdf versions of the 81 ifda dossiers published in English, French and Spanish between 1978 and 1991. We think that the ideas contained in the Dossier may be helpful for Burmese thinking about "development"...."The "Dossier" was an important milestone in the emergence of alternative development theory, and this archive remains an important source of inspiration and ideas... The International Foundation for Development Alternatives (IFDA) was set up in 1976 to contribute to the movement towards both another development and genuine international cooperation, defined as follows: • another development hinges on five interrelated pillars: satisfaction of human needs in their diversity; self-reliance; endogeneity; harmony with nature and ecological sustainability; non-violent democratization of societal structures. It is a systemic process, personal and social, cultural and technological, economic and political. It offers a project to every society, wherever located, North or South, whatever its space, global, national or local; • genuine international cooperation implies respecting differences and ensuring cultural pluralism. It calls for the restructuring of international relations through, among others, a global conception - at the same time political, ecological and social - of security, complete disarmament, non-alignment, Third World collective self-reliance as well as the emergence of new actors, especially those from the civil society. It is the transition from old and new hegemonies and the resulting unequal exchange to a world order supportive of another development..."..... Some of the files are rather large - several megabytes each, which many people in the South may have difficulty downloading. The Online Burma/Myanmar Library will upload the Tables of Contents and gradually digitise the biggest files. Some of the text is almost illegible and we apologise if mistakes have been made in the editing.