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Title: Control of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Myanmar: Public Health Issues
Date of publication: 2002
Description/subject: Abstract: "Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is considered an important health problem in Myanmar as surveys carried out among different population groups revealed HBsAg carrier rate of 10-12%. Health authorities have taken various steps to reduce the incidence of hepatitis B and hepatitis B-associated chronic liver disease in Myanmar. In that context, interruption of its route of transmission and immunization of the susceptible host are the two main approaches. Research studies indicate that the vertical route of transmission might be the commonest route in Myanmar, although the possibility of horizontal transmission through sharing of razors and toothbrushes, or local customs leading to iatrogenic transmission of HBV infection could exist. In view of that, public education on transmission of HBV and means of interrupting it should be carried out especially focusing on specific high-risk groups. Moreover, to interrupt mother-to-infant transmission of HBV infection, hepatitis B vaccination should be promoted. As Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI) is a successful public health measure in Myanmar, incorporation of hepatitis B vaccine into the EPI programme will eventually lead to the control of hepatitis B infection in Myanmar."
Author/creator: Myo Khin
Language: English
Source/publisher: World Health Organisation -- Regional Health Forum WHO South-East Asia Region (Volume 6, Number 2)
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.searo.who.int/EN/Section1243/Section1310/Section1343/Section1344/Section1356_5335.htm
Date of entry/update: 18 April 2008

Title: Molecular Characteristic-Based Epidemiology of Hepatitis B, C, and E Viruses and GB Virus C/Hepatitis G Virus in Myanmar
Date of publication: April 2001
Description/subject: Abstract: We carried out a molecular characteristic-based epidemiological survey of various hepatitis viruses, including hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis E virus (HEV), and GB virus C (GBV-C)/hepatitis G virus (HGV), in Myanmar. The study population of 403 subjects consisted of 213 healthy individuals residing in the city of Yangon, Myanmar, and the surrounding suburbs and 190 liver disease patients (155 virus-related liver disease patients and 35 nonviral disease patients). The infection rates of the viruses among the 213 healthy subjects were as follows: 8% for HBV (16 patients), 2% for HCV (4 patients), and 8% for GBV-C/HGV (17 patients). In contrast, for 155 patients with acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, or hepatocellular carcinoma, the infection rates were 30% for HBV (46 patients), 27% for HCV (41 patients), and 11% for GBV-C/HGV (17 patients). In the nonviral liver disease group of 35 patients with alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, liver abscess, and biliary disease, the infection rates were 6% for HBV (2 patients), 20% for HCV (7 patients), and 26% for GBV-C/HGV (9 patients). The most common viral genotypes were type C of HBV (77%), type 3b of HCV (67%), and type 2 of GBV-C/HGV (67%). Moreover, testing for HEV among 371 subjects resulted in the detection of anti-HEV immunoglobulin G (IgG) in 117 patients (32%). The age prevalence of anti-HEV IgG was 3% for patients younger than 20 years and 30% or more for patients 20 years of age or older. Furthermore, a high prevalence of anti-HEV IgG (24%) was also found in swine living together with humans in Yangon. These results suggest that these hepatitis virus infections are widespread in Myanmar and have led to a high incidence of acute and chronic liver disease patients in the region. and Kenji Abe1,*
Author/creator: Kazuhiko Nakai, Khin Maung Win, San San Oo,4 Yasuyuki Arakawa
Language: English
Source/publisher: Journal of Clinical Microbiology, April 2001, p. 1536-1539, Vol. 39, No. 4
Format/size: html, pdf
Alternate URLs: http://jcm.asm.org/cgi/reprint/39/4/1536.pdf
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: Health Information in Burmese
Description/subject: Hepatitis A Vaccine, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Childhood Immunization
Language: Burmese,English
Source/publisher: Refugee Health Information Network
Format/size: pdf
Alternate URLs: http://www.immunize.org/vis/bu_hib98.pdf (Childhood Immunization)
http://www.immunize.org/vis/bu_hpa06.pdf (Hepatitis A)
http://www.healthyroadsmedia.org/titles/burptsd.htm (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Date of entry/update: 26 October 2010