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Sexually-transmitted diseases
See also the section on HIV

Individual Documents

Title: Between HIV And “Male Sex Workers” I dentity: Young Shan Men And The Presentation Of Enviable Life In Chiang Mai
Date of publication: 26 July 2015
Description/subject: Abstract: "Integrated in the global economy of HIV intervention, young and mobile Shan men in Chiang Mai who work as hosts, dancers and masseurs in gay establishments are now plugged into discrete health categories (i.e. men who have sex with men MSM), male sex workers (MSW), “Burmese” migrants, “hidden population”, etc.). Current HIV intervention has employed information communication technology (ICT), which produces standardized HIV information dissemination, testing and treatment. This paper examines Shan men’s use of their mobile phones. Using Miller and Slater’s (2000) concept of dynamics of objectification, I analyze the creative use of mobile phones as realizing aspired and ascribed identities, characterized as presentation of enviable life in Chiang Mai. On Facebook, they engage in political discussion, conduct religious activities, and manage their social networks. I argue that the presentation of enviable identities reflects notions of masculinity and health, which determine Shan men’s access to, awareness of and management of health information. HIV testing is crucial in HIV prevention, but Shan men value their role as economic providers more than spending for personal health and undergoing an HIV test. They perform Buddhist rituals as supplication for a healthy body. The paper illustrates the failure of dissemination models and the importance in knowing the situated knowledge of Shan men’s sex work in order to provide effective HIV intervention."
Author/creator: Nikos Dacanay
Language: English
Source/publisher: International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges: University Academic Service Centre (UNISERV), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 24-­26 July 2015
Format/size: pdf (217K)
Date of entry/update: 19 August 2015

Title: For Sex Workers, A Life of Risks
Date of publication: 25 February 2010
Description/subject: RANGOON, Feb 25, 2010 (IPS) - When Aye Aye (not her real name) leaves her youngest son at home each night, she tells him that she has to work selling snacks. But what Aye actually sells is sex so that her 12-year-old son, a Grade 7 student, can finish his education.
Author/creator: Mon Mon Myat
Language: English
Source/publisher: IPS
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 02 November 2010

Title: A ‘climate of fear’ at the Thai-Burma border
Date of publication: 03 February 2010
Description/subject: The oppressive regime running Burma has both forced many Burmese into displaced person camps in Thailand. Young Burmese people are particularly vulnerable, especially due to issues such as sexual health education and trafficking. By any account, Burma is a beautiful, naturally rich country with a diverse ethnic history. It is also run by one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, the State Peace and Development Council, an 11-member group of military commanders. This junta, in power under different names since 1988, has been cited for countless human rights abuses. The SPDC also oversees a corrupt, inefficient economy. In spite of the country’s natural wealth, social-economic conditions continue to deteriorate, along with Burma’s schools and hospitals.
Language: English
Source/publisher: Conversation for A Better World
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 02 November 2010

Title: Family Planning Factsheet in Burmese
Description/subject: Diaphragms Factsheet - Emergency Contraception Factsheet - The Contraceptive Implant Factsheet - The Contraceptive Injection (DMPA) Factsheet - The Contraceptive Pill Factsheet - The Copper IUD Factsheet - The Male Condom Factsheet - The Minipill or Progestogen-Only Pill (POP) Factsheet - The Progestogen IUD Factsheet - The Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing®) Factsheet - Other: Menstruation (Periods) Factsheet - Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs) Factsheet -
Language: Burmese
Source/publisher: Family Planning NSW
Format/size: pdf
Date of entry/update: 26 October 2010