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Environmental health

Individual Documents

Title: Cementing Justice: A Guide for Communities on Cement Production and its Impacts
Date of publication: 02 April 2016
Description/subject: "In this Karen language booklet, there are three main sections. The first section, from chapter 1 through 3, explains the cement production process, and the second section, from chapters 4 through 7, discusses its potential impacts on the environment, health, and society. The last section, from chapters 8 through 11, provides information about minimization of negative impacts including international standards and principles, effective strategies to help local communities engage with cement companies and influence decision making processes, and a case study from Karen State. A glossary is included at the end of the booklet for easy reference of technical terms ..."
Language: Karen
Source/publisher: KESAN
Format/size: html, pdf (2.5MB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.kesan.asia/
Date of entry/update: 29 October 2018

Title: A Community Guide to Environmental Health (English)
Date of publication: 2008
Description/subject: Summary: “Covers topics: community mobilization; water source protection, purification and borne diseases; sanitation; mosquito-borne diseases; deforestation and reforestation; farming; pesticides and toxics; solid waste and health care waste; harm from mining and oil extraction. Includes group activities and appropriate technology instructions.”..."...It is clear what it means to improve the health of a child or of a family. But how do you improve the health of the environment? When we talk about environmental health, we mean the way our health is affected by the world around us, and also how our activities affect the health of the world around us. If our food, water, and air are contaminated, they can make us sick. If we are not careful about how we use the air, water, and land, we can make ourselves and the world around us sick. By protecting our environment, we protect our health. Improving environmental health often begins when people notice that a health problem is affecting not just one person or group, but is a problem for the whole community. When a problem is shared, people are more likely to work together to bring about change..."...Includes bibliographical references and index.
Author/creator: Jeff Conant and Pam Fadem
Language: English
Source/publisher: Hesperian Health Guides
Format/size: pdf (8MB - OBL version)
Alternate URLs: http://hesperian.org/books-and-resources/
Date of entry/update: 22 December 2011