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Burma/Myanmar Studies

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: Abstracts, bibliographies, scholarly journals, libraries, institutes, universities, other research tools
Description/subject: This is a section in "Reading Room" in this library.
Language: English, French etc.
Source/publisher: Online Burma/Myanmar Lilbrary
Format/size: html, pdf etc.
Date of entry/update: 31 March 2008

Title: Reading Room
Description/subject: Contains sections with relevance to Burma/Myanmar studies such as bibliographies and book reviews
Language: Various
Source/publisher: Online Burma/Myanmar Library
Format/size: html, pdf etc.
Date of entry/update: 31 March 2008

Individual Documents

Title: Modern Burma Studies: A View from the Edge
Date of publication: November 2007
Description/subject: ABSTRACT: "Burma has never been a popular subject for academic research but, since a massive pro-democracy uprising drew worldwide attention to the country in 1988, the number of scholars and students engaged in the field has grown considerably. However, they still face a number of major challenges. Along with other kinds of area studies, Burma studies have been accused by academics from the more ‘scientific’ disciplines of being too narrowly focused and lacking theoretical rigour. Also, it has been very difficult to conduct research in Burma’s closed society. While the latest military government has relaxed some controls, field work is still constrained and reliable sources are hard to find. Often, the knowledge gap has been filled by myths and misconceptions. Adding to these problems, since 1988 the Burma studies community has become highly polarised, with political and moral factors often featuring more prominently in the public debate than considered arguments based on objective analysis. All these factors have adversely affected modern Burma studies and restricted understanding of this deeply troubled country by both scholars and the wider community."
Author/creator: Andrew Selth
Language: English
Source/publisher: City University of Hong Kong (WP 96)
Format/size: pdf (226K)
Date of entry/update: 15 July 2010