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News - Burma/Myanmar News Analysis (under construction)
This section lists sources of news about Burma/Myanmar which also offer a high degree of analysis. Academic analyses can be found under different sections in Main Library. News sources with less analysis can be found in "Burma news sources"

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: "Asia Times Online"
Description/subject: Good articles on Burma, including strategic and political analyses... 3,190 search results for Burma OR Myanmar (July 2014; 4,220 results for a Google site-specific search.
Language: English and Chinese
Source/publisher: "Asia Times Online"
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 25 January 2009

Title: "China Daily"
Description/subject: 954 results for a local search for "Myanmar" (February 2005); 2239 (January 2009); 8,787 (December 2014)
Language: English
Source/publisher: "China Daily"
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: "Mizzima"
Description/subject: A most impressive institution, much more than a news service, with an excellent website. Mizzima concentrates on India-Burma relations, events etc. Several Mizzima articles daily in English and Burmese which can be read on the site or delivered to your mailbox. The website has a browsable archive back to 98, which is an important resource. The search function does not work all that well (e.g. searching for "naga", it retrieved 5 documents, whereas there are several hundred accessible to the patient browser). Sections include: the Mizzima News; Mizzima News Archives; News in Burmese; Burma Related News (various sources); Nationalities Questions; Documents (nothing there yet); Debates; About Mizzima; About Burma; Mizzima's Activities; Seminars; Photo Gallery (mainly people sitting round tables); Media in Burma; Network Links; Chat Room; Burmese calendar; Research on Indo-Burma relations; English Language School; Art Exhibitions; Music Album; Mizzima Video Documentary; Affiliated Organizations; Mizzima Team.
Language: English, Burmese.
Source/publisher: "Mizzima"
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: "Myanmar Times"
Description/subject: Link to "Myanmar Times" sub-section
Language: English
Source/publisher: Online Burma/Myanmar Library
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 23 December 2014

Title: "New Mandala" (Burma page)
Description/subject: "New Mandala was established in June 2006 by Dr Andrew Walker and Dr Nicholas Farrelly. Hosted by the Australian National University (ANU) College of Asia and the Pacific, it provides anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia. Since its inception the site has devoted its attention to the politics and societies of this region, and especially Thailand and Burma. Increasingly its focus stretches to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. New Mandala‘s country editors are Gregore Lopez (Malaysia and Singapore), Geoffrey Cain (Vietnam and Cambodia) and Dr Simon Creak (Laos)..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: "New Mandala"
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/newmandala/
Date of entry/update: 03 October 2012

Title: "Democracy Now" - search results for "Burma"
Description/subject: 232 results for Burma, from May 1996. Nothing for 2014
Language: English
Source/publisher: "Democracy Now"
Format/size: html, Adobe Flash
Date of entry/update: 25 November 2012

Title: "The Diplomat" (Google search results for "Myanmar OR Burma")
Language: English
Source/publisher: Google via "The Diplomat"
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Diplomat
Date of entry/update: 24 June 2014

Title: ALTSEAN-Burma website
Description/subject: Has the more recent ALTSEAN Bulletins and thematic reports
Language: English
Source/publisher: Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma (ALTSEAN-Burma)
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 21 November 2003

Title: Euro-Burma Office/Associates to Develop Democratic Burma (ADDB)
Description/subject: EBO Political Monitors...Research papers: reports, statements and press releases...EBO Briefing Papers...News
Language: English
Source/publisher: Euro-Burma Office
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 02 February 2012

Title: Institute for Policy Studies
Description/subject: Search for Myanmar or Burma
Language: English
Source/publisher: Institute for Policy studies
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 21 January 2012

Title: Network Myanmar
Description/subject: Very useful site with many documents, under the categories of: Aid... Business... Culture... Economy... Ethnic Issues... Fact Sheets... Health... Opinion... Political Database... Press Releases... Travel......Tends to be pro-engagement and anti-sanctions.
Language: English
Source/publisher: Network Myanmar
Format/size: html, pdf
Date of entry/update: 25 January 2009

Title: The Irrawaddy
Description/subject: High-quality reporting. "Covering Burma and Asia...The Irrawaddy is published by the Irrawaddy Publishing Group (IPG). IPG was established in 1992 by Burmese citizens living in exile and is not affiliated with any political party or organization. The Irrawaddy seeks to promote press freedom and access to unbiased information..." The magazine is monthly, but there are daily news updates and special articles. There is also a Burmese edition, q.v.
Language: English, Burmese
Source/publisher: Irrawaddy Publishing Group
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003