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Burma's water bodies (including coastal waters) - description

  • Burma's water bodies - general

    Individual Documents

    Title: Bodies of water of Burma
    Description/subject: ► Lakes of Burma‎... ► Rivers of Burma‎... Gulf of Martaban
    Language: English
    Source/publisher: Wikipedia
    Format/size: html
    Date of entry/update: 20 July 2012

    Title: Human Right to water and sanitation
    Description/subject: Search Results for "Myanmar"...6 instruments and agreements to which Myanmar is party
    Language: English
    Source/publisher: Waterlex Legal Database
    Format/size: html
    Date of entry/update: 17 May 2013

  • Burma's lakes

    Individual Documents

    Title: Poisoned Waters
    Date of publication: September 2007
    Description/subject: "Chemical pollution and silt are killing Burma’s beautiful Inle Lake... Inle Lake, one of the country’s major tourist attractions, is terminally ill and its fishermen have fallen on bad times. The lake’s surface is shrinking dramatically. As its surface inexorably drops, the pollution of its water rises. The fish are dying and entire species are threatened with extinction..."
    Author/creator: Kyi Wai
    Language: English
    Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy" Vol 15, No. 9
    Format/size: html
    Alternate URLs: http://www2.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=8466
    Date of entry/update: 29 April 2008

  • Burma's rivers and streams

    Websites/Multiple Documents

    Title: Burma Rivers Network
    Description/subject: Includes sections on the major rivers of Burma
    Language: English
    Source/publisher: Burma Rivers Network
    Format/size: html
    Date of entry/update: 19 July 2012

    Individual Documents

    Title: Salween - Extracts from WWF Rivers report, 2007
    Date of publication: 22 March 2007
    Description/subject: "The Salween river basin is more than twice the size of England, the second largest river basin in southeast Asia and one of the last free-flowing international rivers in Asia..."
    Language: English
    Source/publisher: WWF
    Format/size: pdf (38K)
    Date of entry/update: 22 March 2007

  • Watersheds of Burma/Myanmar

    Individual Documents

    Title: RRA Report on Nam Mae Hkok Watershed, Eastern Shan State Myanmar - Watershed Profile
    Date of publication: 1999
    Description/subject: Major Category: River Basin/Watershed Management Sub Category: organisational analysis/development participatory surveys water resources... Mekong Watershed Situation in Myanmar--- Proposed Watershed Area for Myanmar--- RRA Tool--- General Overview of the Nam Mae Hkok Watershed Area: Biophysical information; Land use; Climate; Geology and soil; Water Resources; Forest Resources; Wild Life; Infrastructure; Socio Economic Information; Population Structure; Livelihoods; Per Capita Available Land Resource; Labour and Gender--- Upland Town Profile: Location and Infrastructure; Population; Main Economic Sectors; Role of Public Sector and Local Government in Promoting Enterprise; Development of Industries Service Centres; Participation of People; Present Employment in Industries of Services Sectors--- . Method of Data Collection--- Village Check List: Seik Khaung Village; Pu Mo Village; Brief on Checklist for household interviews--- Appendix: Upland town (Mongsat) population & health profile; Check list for household interview (lowland fanner, male, married); Cheek list for household interview (lowland farmer, female, married); Check list for household interview (lowland fanner, male, single); Check list for household interview (lowland fanner, female, single); Check list for household interview (upland farmer, male, married); Check list for household interview (upland fanner, female, married); Check list for household interview(upland fanner, male, single); Check list for household interview(upland farmer, female, single)--- Photos--- Maps.
    Author/creator: U Sit Bo and U Zaw Win
    Language: English
    Source/publisher: Regional Environmental Technical Assistance 5771 - Poverty Reduction & Environmental Management in Remote Greater Mekong Subregion Watersheds Project (Phase I)
    Format/size: html, 37 pages
    Date of entry/update: 18 August 2003

    Title: Irrawaddy Watershed
    Source/publisher: Wikimedia Commons
    Format/size: gif
    Alternate URLs: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/61/Irrawaddy_Watershed.gif
    Date of entry/update: 20 September 2010