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Discrimination against the Mon

  • "Kao Wao News " (1)
    Some, though not all the articles are human rights-related.

  • "The Mon Forum" and other HURFOM Human Rights Reports (Complete archive) (186)
    From March 1995 to November 1997 the Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) published a series of "Human Rights Reports" and "Human Rights Publications". From January 1998 onwards the reports appeared in newsletter form as "The Mon Forum" with occasional one-off reports. All the texts of the reports are in the archive. Some also contain the photos and maps of the original print version. As time permits, pdf versions with photos, maps and Burmese language facsimiles of SLORC/SPDC Orders will be made for all the reports. Editing policy: the occasional typos and spelling mistakes picked out by a spellchecker have been corrected, a few brief explanations are added [in square brackets] and the format of the html versions has been adjusted for the Internet. Inspired neologisms like "backbreakingly" and "estimatedly" are retained as a contribution to the English language. Since errors can occur in the scanning process, the print version should be regarded as authoritative.