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Ethnic Groups in Burma

Individual Documents

Title: 135: Counting Races in Burma
Date of publication: 25 September 2012
Description/subject: "...135 ethnic groups put up by the SPDC have 76 ethnic groups that are repeatedly counted or fabricated and only 59 ethnic groups actually exist. However, this does not imply Burma has exactly 59 ethnic groups. There are some ethnic groups left out of SPDC list such as Taman, Tai-Lian, etc. And among those 59 ethnic groups some are nearly extinct or existing only in few hundreds, for example Yabein, Danau and Khamu. Besides, there might be some who wish or do not wish to acquire a separate racial identity. If, for instance, some Tai (Shan) ethnic groups choose a common identity, the above list could get even shorter. Whatever the case, the number of Burma's ethnic groups do not come to 70 or more. Nevertheless, the SPDC would just impose military dictatorship on various excuses even if the number hits less than ten. The SPDC list is merely an evidence of its lack of credibility and incompetence in counting the ethnic groups of the country it is governing"....Originally published in 2005
Author/creator: Gamanii
Source/publisher: Shan Herald Agency for News (S.H.A.N.)
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 20 December 2013