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Law and Constitution
The legal material in this section is divided into (1) Introductory and general; (2) Thematic - Burmese legislation divided into specific areas of law; and (3) Chronological, from the British period to the present ... In the Thematic area, the material is divided into Texts and Commentary. Texts are (1) adopted laws ("Laws", "Acts"); (2) Bills (legislation proposed but not yet adopted); (3) implementing instruments ("rules", "regulations", "procedures", by(e)-laws" etc.) all of which we call "Regulations"... (4) Orders, notifications, announcements, orders etc. we call Decrees... Most commentaries are by the Government, the UN, NGOs, scholars or journalists.

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  • Legal Pluralism
    Legal pluralism covers situations where more than one legal culture are present. In Burma/Myanmar there is the Anglo-Burmese statutory law (including special legislation for non-Buddhist communities), Burmese and non-Burmese customary law, legal codes drafted by various non-state actors as well as the gradual entry of international human rights and other standards...In our view, legal pluralism has an important place in the peace process.

  • Thai Law and Constitution (3)
    Relevant since there are up to 4 million Burmese in Thailand, most of whom lack legal status.