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Sustainable agriculture - Burma/Myanmar

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: "Youtube search for Burma OR Myanmar sustainable agriculture" (video)
Description/subject: 2470 results (August 2017)
Language: English, Burmese (ျမန္မာဘာသာ)
Source/publisher: Various sources via Youtube
Format/size: Adobe Flash or html5
Date of entry/update: 20 August 2017

Title: Myanmar Land, Agribusiness, and Forestry Forum (MYLAFF)
Description/subject: "MYLAFF - a forum for sharing information about land, rural livelihoods, forests, fisheries, agribusiness investment and natural resource management in Myanmar... The main URL given here is the public entry to MYLAFF. For access to more documents, users have to sign up to MYLAFF... *Members of the forum include government officials, staff of donor agencies and NGOs, project experts, academics and business people... *We aim to support rural development in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar through providing stakeholders and decision-makers with a space for communication and better access to information and analysis... *Our online document repository is at www.mylaff.org, where you can find a wide variety of documents in both English and Myanmar language, alongside others...Under Farming Systems, MYLAFF has a section on shifting cultivation... *More information is available in the FAQ, which is available here: http://www.mylaff.org/static/MyLAFF_FAQ.pdf..."
Language: English, Burmese (ျမန္မာဘာသာ)
Source/publisher: MYLAFF
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.mylaff.org
Date of entry/update: 03 March 2015

Individual Documents

Title: Proceedings of the National Workshop on Agroecology Transition 7th and 8th March 2016 , Yangon, Myanmar
Date of publication: 08 March 2016
Description/subject: Summary: Workshop wrap up... Introduction... A short account of the 2 days’ workshop... Setting the stage... Working groups and brainstorming about agriculture challenges and a future governance for ALiSEA... A contribution to the way forward..... Annexe: Case studies (Powerpoints)... Annexe: summary of working groups discussions Annexes: list of participants... Annexes: workshop presentation extended abstracts.
Author/creator: Pierre Ferrand, Dr Htet Kyu and Lucie Reynaud
Language: English
Source/publisher: ALiSEA, GRET
Format/size: pdf 11.1MB)
Date of entry/update: 01 July 2016

Title: Rural Livelihood and Agricultural Reform In Chiba Village, Shwebo Township, Sagaing Region, Myanmar
Date of publication: 26 July 2015
Description/subject: Introduction: "Rural community is one of the strengths in country building. In a nation-­‐state administrative policy changes are followed by economic policy changes, then by changes in livelihood strategies. To members of rural society mostly existing on agriculture livelihood strategies go different based on accessibility of assets. To become a modern, developed nation mainly means brisk economic development, in which increased rural production plays an important part. A bout (70) percent of Myanmar population are rural and farmers by the livelihood. Agriculture sector is the main prop to Myanmar's economic structure. Rice is the staple food of Myanmar people and paddy cultivation is the livelihood of majority of cultivators in the country. The Union Government is working for betterment of agriculture sector as well as farmers' life. In implementing with increased momentum rural development program aimed at enhancement of rural people’s socio-­‐economic development, it is necessary to know of their present status, needs and desires.".....Paper delivered at the International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges: University Academic Service Centre (UNISERV), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 24-­26 July 2015.
Author/creator: Shin Thynn Tun
Language: English
Source/publisher: International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies: Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges: University Academic Service Centre (UNISERV), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 24-­26 July 2015
Format/size: pdf (1.9MB)
Alternate URLs: http://rcsd.soc.cmu.ac.th/web/Burma/home.php#
Date of entry/update: 10 August 2015

Title: Green Gram Rotation Effects on Maize Growth Parameters and Soil Quality in Myanmar
Date of publication: 2008
Description/subject: Abstract: "At present maize–green gram crop rotations are not widely practiced among farmers in Myanmar. However, this cropping system might become more popular in the future given raising prices for green gram and maize grain and scarcity of mineral nitrogen (N) fertilizers in this Asian country. The results of a cropping systems experiment with continuous maize versus a green gram-maize rotation, manure application (0 and 2 tha−1) and phosphorus (P) fertilization (0 and 15 kg P ha−1) in each of five consecutive seasons revealed a strong decline in total dry matter and grains yields for both crops irrespective of the treatment. Treatment effects on yield components, nutrient concentrations, mycorrhizal infection and nematode infestation were small or negligible. The data show that in addition to manure used at 2 t ha−1, application of mineral N fertilizers is essential to maintain particularly maize yields. A comparison of different green gram cultivars did not indicate genotype specific effects on maize growth. The incorporation of legume residues, unless they are used as animal feed, is recommended to increase the recycling of N and to balance N fluxes when green gram is cultivated for seed."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics Volume 109, No. 2, 2008, pages 123–137
Format/size: pdf (190K)
Date of entry/update: 08 March 2016

Title: Myanmar Organic Agriculture Group
Description/subject: Organic Training, Organic Certification, Organic Research Publication, Organic Research in the World
Language: English
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 02 September 2012