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Discussion Groups
Some of these can be read on their web archives by anyone. Others require a (free) subscription. To post to these groups, everyone needs to subscribe. To receive the messages by email, fill in the appropriate box. Some of the lists have a high news content, though those which are entirely news are placed in the News sections.

  • Burma Yahoogroups - individual groups (81)
    Formerly EGROUPS. 520 (July 2003) Burma news/discussion groups, not all listed here. Some very specialised. Some still-born or moribund, others very active. Posting to the groups requires a (free) subscription. Some groups allow messages to be viewed onsite by anyone, while others require a subscription. Some are moderated, others not. Sometimes all members may post, sometimes just the moderator. Some are even announced as unmoderated where only the moderator may post. For all groups members have the option to receive messages by email or simply to view on the site (useful if your mail load is heavy). The list below gives subscription emails, though you can also subscribe and choose various options on site. Some groups haved archives. Others not. To see all the groups, click on Yahoogroups Myanmar index page (below)