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Land use

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: Burma (Myanmar) Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library
Language: English
Source/publisher: The University of Texas at Austin
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 25 October 2010

Title: Burma Land Use
Language: English
Source/publisher: Central Intelligence Agency
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.indexmundi.com/burma/#Geography
Date of entry/update: 25 October 2010

Title: Geography of Burma
Description/subject: Contents: 1 Climate... 2 Mountains - 2.1 Main peaks... 3 Rivers... 4 Maritime claims - 4.1 Islands... 5 Land use and natural resources... 6 Natural hazards... 7 Environment... 7.1 Environment - international agreements... 8 See also... 9 References... 10 External links.
Language: English
Source/publisher: Wikipedia
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 25 October 2010

Individual Documents

Title: The Effectiveness of Satellite Imagery Using GIS for Land Management and Administration in Myanmar
Date of publication: 27 February 2015
Description/subject: "Updating of cadastral maps were conducted using satellite image and the changes of ground features were observed in comparison with satellite image and ortho photo. The cadastral maps were evaluated on the basis of findings for effective land management and administration. The research tries to observe the effectiveness of satellite imagery using GIS for land management and administration in Myanmar"..... Key Words: SLRD, GIS, Kwin Maps, Satellite Image, Ortho Photo
Author/creator: Than Htay Aung, Main Research Adviser: Prof. Takashi MORITA Co-Research Adviser: Prof. Kiyoe MIYASHITA
Language: English
Source/publisher: Hosei University Graduate School of Design and Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Format/size: pdf (515K-reduced version; 4.6MB-original
Alternate URLs: http://civil.ws.hosei.ac.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/13U2116.pdf
Date of entry/update: 02 December 2015

Title: Land Use in Myanmar with a Case Study in Southern Shan State
Date of publication: 2006
Description/subject: Abstract;General aspects of land use in Myanmar were evaluated according to the statistical data issued from FAO. Following it, features of land use in Southern Shan State situated in the eastern hilly region were described as a case study. Ten types of land use were recognized in Southern Shan State. Major land use type was upland field which occupied about 50% of the cultivated area in Southern Shan State, followed by paddy field. Characteristics of individual land use type were discussed. (author abst.)
Language: English
Source/publisher: J Fac Agric Kyushu Univ_VOL.51;NO.2;PAGE.383-387(2006)
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://sciencelinks.jp/j-east/article/200702/000020070206A1043392.php
Date of entry/update: 25 October 2010

Title: Control of Land and Life in Burma.
Date of publication: April 2001
Description/subject: Abstract: The most significant land problems in Burma remain those associated with landlessness, rural poverty, inequality of access to resources, and a military regime that denies citizen rights and is determined to rule by force and not by law. A framework to ensure the sustainable development of land is needed to address social, legal, economic and technical dimensions of land management. This framework can only be created and implemented within and by a truly democratic nation. Keywords: Agriculture and state -- Burma; Land use, Rural -- Burma; Land use, Rural -- Government policy -- Burma; Agricultural policy -- Burma; Land administration -- Burma.
Author/creator: Nancy Hudson-Rodd, Myo Nyunt
Language: English
Source/publisher: Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Format/size: pdf (363K)
Alternate URLs: http://minds.wisconsin.edu/handle/1793/22009
Date of entry/update: 01 September 2010

Title: Land Use /Land Cover Classifications and Monitoring of Myanmar Using by Remote Sensing Data and GIS
Date of publication: 1997
Description/subject: Abstract Knowledge of land use and land cover is important for many planning and management activities concerned with the surface of the earth. The term land cover relates to the type of feature present on the surface of the earth and the term land use relates to the human activities associated with a specific piece of land. The study of the land use patterns and the monitoring of changes are very important for economic planning and country development. By using of Remote Sensing methods are becoming increasingly in land use land cover studying that is important for images of large area can be acquired rapidly and low cost. In this paper we would like to present study objectives, study overview and study flow diagram.
Author/creator: Ko Ko Lwin and Ryosuke Shibasaki
Language: English
Source/publisher: Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 25 October 2010