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Conferences/seminars etc.

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies (ICBMS) 23-26 July, 2015
Date of publication: 23 July 2015
Description/subject: "Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges".....About 100 papers and more abstracts on the site - see "papers & abstracts" in the right-hand column.
Language: English
Source/publisher: Chiangmai University
Format/size: html, pdf
Date of entry/update: 14 July 2015

Title: 2013 Myanmar/Burma Update Conference: "Debating Democratisation in Myanmar (Burma)"
Date of publication: 15 March 2013
Description/subject: Friday & Saturday, 15 & 16 March 2013 Hedley Bull Lecture Theatre 1, Hedley Bull Centre, ANU, Australian National University, Canberra... Call for Papers
Language: English
Source/publisher: School of International, Political & Strategic Studies, ANU, College of Asia & the Pacific
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 04 September 2012

Title: Dictatorship, Disorder and Decline in Myanmar
Date of publication: December 2008
Description/subject: Contents: * Preliminary Pages * Editors� note * Contributors * 1: Overview * Political Update * 2: The dramatic events of 2007 in Myanmar: domestic and international implications * 3: Internal dynamics of the Burmese military: before, during and after the 2007 demonstrations * Economic Update * 4: Myanmar�s GDP growth and investment: lessons from a historical perspective * 5: Migrant-worker remittances and Burma: an economic analysis of survey results * 6: Myanmar�s economic relations with China: who benefits and who pays? * Education and Health Update * 7: Myanmar education: challenges, prospects and options * 8: Evolving education in Myanmar: the interplay of state, business and the community * 9: The (re)-emergence of civil society in areas of state weakness: the case of education in Burma/Myanmar * 10: Islamic education in Myanmar: a case study * 11: Contemporary medical pluralism in Burma * 12: Health security among internally displaced and vulnerable populations in eastern Burma * Index
Author/creator: Monique Skidmore and Trevor Wilson (eds)
Language: English
Source/publisher: 2007 Myanmar/Burma Update conference via Australian National University
Format/size: html, pdf (1.1MB)
Alternate URLs: http://epress.anu.edu.au/myanmar02/pdf_instructions.html
Date of entry/update: 30 December 2008

Title: Myanmar—the state, community and the environment
Date of publication: January 2007
Description/subject: Proceedings of the 2006 Burma Update conference... Assessing political/military developments after the departure of Khin Nyunt 1. The political situation in Myanmar 1 Vicky Bowman 2. A Burmese perspective on prospects for progress 18 Khin Zaw Win 3. Of kyay-zu and kyet-su: the military in 2006 36 Mary Callahan 4. Conflict and displacement in Burma/Myanmar 54 Ashley South 5. Foreign policy as a political tool: Myanmar 2003–2006 82 Trevor Wilson Assessing the economic situation after the 2001–2002 banking crisis 6. Myanmar’s economy in 2006 108 Sean Turnell 7. Transforming Myanmar’s rice marketing 135 Ikuko Okamoto 8. Industrial zones in Burma and Burmese 159 labour in Thailand Guy Lubeigt vi Implications of current development strategies for Myanmar’s environment 9. Environmental governance in the SPDC’s Myanmar 189 Tun Myint 10. Environmental governance of mining in Burma 218 Matthew Smith 11. Spaces of extraction: governance along the riverine 246 networks of Nyaunglebin District Ken MacLean 12. Identifying conservation issues in Kachin State 271 Tint Lwin Thaung ..... Despite deteriorating economic and developmental conditions, worsening environmental problems, and troubles arising from the unresolved status of its ethnic minorities, Myanmar seems no closer to a political resolution. Myanmar�s economy continues to stagnate, with severe implications for its people. Low levels of international assistance have exacerbated the situation. Myanmarâ�"the State, Community and the Environment examines the missed opportunities by government and opposition groups to find a way out of the political impasse and improve the standard of living of the people of Myanmar. This collection provides insights into the country�s economic development, in particular the vital rice-marketing sector and the attempts to expand existing industrial zones. It focuses, for the first time, on Myanmar�s environmental governance with in-depth case studies, and on the increasing need for effective environmental protection and sustainability.
Author/creator: Monique Skidmore and Trevor Wilson (eds)
Language: English
Source/publisher: 2006 Burma Update conference via The Australian National University
Format/size: pdf (2MB) or download individual papers
Alternate URLs: http://epress.anu.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/whole_book22.pdf
Date of entry/update: 27 November 2007

Title: Myanmar/Burma Update Conference 18-19 November 2004
Date of publication: 19 November 2004
Description/subject: "The theme will be nature and causes of the current political, economic and social stalemate in Myanmar, and the scope for moving forward in a process of genuine national reconciliation. Some of the speakers will include eminent Myanmar/Burma scholars from around the world, and highly qualified practitioner experts. Further information and registration details will be announced in due course through this website. Convenors: Mr Trevor Wilson and Dr Ron May, Dept. of Political and Social Change, RSPAS
Language: English
Source/publisher: The Australian National University Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 05 October 2004

Title: International Burma Studies Conference
Language: English
Source/publisher: Northern Illinois University Center for Burma Studies
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 01 October 2004

Individual Documents

Title: Myanmar Update 2015: Making Sense of Conflict
Date of publication: 01 December 2014
Description/subject: 5 – 6 June 2015, Australian National University, Canberra: "As rapid political, economic and social change in Myanmar continues, the next Myanmar (Burma) Update conference at the Australian National University will occur on Friday, 5 June, and Saturday, 6 June, 2015, ahead of the general elections anticipated for later in the year. Hosted by the Department of Political and Social Change, in the School of International, Political and Strategic Studies, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, the conference has as the theme “Making Sense of Conflict”..."...Paper Proposals: "The Myanmar (Burma) Update conference conveners invite paper proposals from interested academics, analysts, researchers, and professionals for presentation in one of six sessions: (1) Borderland conflicts and peace negotiations; (2) Communal violence; (3) Resource-based disputes; (4) Contentious politics; (5) Cultural and historical dimensions of conflict; and, (6) a Burmese-language panel, for which proposals can be submitted in Burmese on any one of the preceding themes, following the same format as for English-language papers. The organisers are particularly interested to receive proposals that explore the nuances and intersections between different types of conflict and efforts to resolve them..."...Student Travel Grants...About the Update Series...For further information please contact the convenors: Dr Nick Cheesman, Research Fellow, Department of Political and Social Change, ANU, nick.cheesman@anu.edu.au, (+612) 6125 0181 Dr Nicholas Farrelly, Research Fellow, School of International, Political and Strategic Studies, ANU, nicholas.farrelly@anu.edu.au (+612) 6125 8220
Author/creator: Nicholas Farrelly
Language: English
Source/publisher: "New Mandala"
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 14 December 2014

Title: Burma-Myanma(r) Research and Its Future: Implications for Scholars and Policymakers (Review of the Gothenburg conference)
Date of publication: 15 March 2003
Description/subject: "...The 2002 meeting should serve as a model for future Burma Studies events in at least four ways. Firstly, rather than being centred at a single location, different venues should be sought for the biannual Burma Studies Group meetings, chosen on the basis of their overall attractiveness and accessibility to the widest range of participants. Secondly, people with diverse Burma-related interests and experiences should be proactively included, not only academics. Thirdly, the four-day format should be maintained, so that participants can get to know each other and their viewpoints. Finally, political neutrality should be preserved and financial support thus accepted from reputable sources only. Gothenburg was an excellent venue, a city with a pleasant physical environment and a truly civil society."
Author/creator: Donald M. Seekins
Language: English
Source/publisher: IIAS Newsletter No. 30
Format/size: pdf (384K)
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003