OPENKEY PROJECT Meeting notes from JANUARY 30, 2003

Manning Hall 214

Members present: Evelyn Daniel, Jane Greenberg, Sarah Reuning, Peter White, Alan Weakley, Steve Seiberling


1.     The team set the following deadlines for this semester:

·    terminology list — By 1/31/03

o       the list will be in usable form to move ahead

·    assigning characters to tree list — Begin 2/10/03

o       Alan and Steve will work together to assign characters to the first 5 trees on paper. Note: Proof reading of all paper forms will be time consuming.

·    David's work on revising forms according to new DTDs/schemas —By 2/10/03

o       Revised forms will be ready for testing.  Steve and David have been meeting to discuss form revisions. David is also creating an Access database that will house the information from the turbo forms for the use of the OpenKey team. David may create the interface for the database as well.

·    beginning data input into turbo forms — On 2/17/03

o       The electronic forms will follow the paper forms. First five paper forms will be ready for data entry into electronic forms


2.      The team discussed both lists of "must haves" for polyclave

·    botany end — There are features in the critical column that are currently not available in BIBE.  Also, the team need s to decide how the software will handle the following possible character values (absent characters are not the same as inapplicable characters):

o       value not yet entered

o       value unknown, but applicable

o       value not applicable

o       value unknown and possibly applicable (applicability unknown)

·    systems end — The team decided to revisit this list if it decides to create a key in addition to Bryan’s at UIUC.


Action Item: When Bryan visits in February Alan and Steve will discuss the list of must haves and the feasibility of adding additional critical features to BIBE.


3.      Steve voiced concerns about the PIC database. PIC has no database administrator.  Daily back-ups are not being made.  There are no policies in place for documentation.


Action Item: Peter will come up with money to pay a database admin for PIC

Jane, Evelyn, and Sarah will try to find a DB person, perhaps Sunny.