Notes from meeting of 4/1/2002, 12:30 - 1:45 p.m.

1. Matrix 
Matrix work should continue with current table created in Microsoft/WORD until the Matrix DTD has been completed.
David will create a “taxon data collection form” that will allow us to collect matrix data in XML.
*note, Lesley sent UIUC’s matrix immediately after our meeting on 4/1/2002, and it is very similar our matrix.  
David shared Matrix DTD draft.  David will meet with Kristin and Peter Friday, April 5, 3:00 p.m., at Coker, to review 
Matrix DTD draft.  Bryan is involved and has been providing feedback on drafts. 
2. Glossary work
Glossary DTD 
Project team discussed objectives of the glossary and determined that it will be developed for the student/amateur botanist
and that it will be kept simple.  
 David shared Glossary DTD draft.  Project team reviewed the this DTD draft, eliminated a number of elements, and agreed 
on the addition of “illus” and “source__illus” elements. 
 Revised DTD for glossary is at:  http://personal.atl.bellsouth.net/rdu/k/k/kknight/plant_xml_work.html 
 Post-meeting, Kristin suggested the elimination of the “pronunciation” element, and Peter suggested incorporating “voice” (a person speaking
 the word) for pronunciation at a later date.  David will eliminate this element for now.  *Note, We might consider working with XML Voice if we 
are to add this element at a later date. 
 A web form will be created corresponding to the Glossary DTD (similar to, although simpler than the web form for the Matrix DTD).  All 
terminology in the Matrix will be ported to the glossary.  A plan will be made for adding terminology, content,  illustrations, and publishing the 
Glossary Bibliography
Kristin is composing a bibliography of resources (including web sites) for glossary definitions.  JG will work w/Kristin to create a 
coding system for crediting sources where terminological definitions have been incorporated into the UNC glossary verbatim.
A bibliography will be created for resources providing visual representations (illustrations, photographs, diagrams, and etc.) 
along with a corresponding coding system once the textual/definitional referencing system is completed.

3. Web page. [I did not take very extensive notes here, so please let me know if you would like me to add anything]
Sara shared web page revisions, mainly the addition of images and a corresponding list, including links to images. Team members 
agreed the new lists should be arranged like the Trees of NC Scientific Checklist.  
4. Plant key and Imaging
Steve presented “Gymnosperm Leaf Key” developments and a detailed table entitled “Leaf Characteristic Matrix for Southeastern
 Gymnosperm Genera.”  Steve indicated that he is now at a point where he can go back to imaging, while continue working on the plant key.  
Steve will, therefore, pick up with imaging.
5. Deadlines and Meeting Summary
Overall project goals/Gantt chart
·          Gantt chart:  Evenly, JG, and Peter reviewed the Gantt chart in their breakout meeting (1:45-2:00 p.m.), and agreed we are on track.
·          Matrix
·          Matrix DTD meeting:  David, Kristin and Peter are meeting to review Matrix DTD draft this Friday, April 5, 3:00 p.m. at Coker.
·          Deadline for Matrix DTD:  April 15 (we are aiming for this date, although I suspect we might need an extra few days).
·          Deadline for Matrix content:  We did not discuss a deadline for matrix content provision.  Content provision will continue with the 
WORD document until web form is available, at which time procedures for recording data will be revised.  This is an ongoing part of the project.
·          Deadline for Glossary DTD:  April 15.  We are working to complete the Glossary DTD conjunction with the Matrix DTD as much as possible.
·          Content provision for Glossary DTD and publishing the Glossary:  When glossary DTD is competed, all Matrix terms will be transferred
  to the glossary.  Project team will devise a plan to add new terms, add content, and publish glossary.
Next Meeting
·          Next meeting:  April 22, 2002, @ 12:30 to 2:00, in Manning.  Meeting will be a video conference w/UIUC.