Meeting time: 1:00 pm 2:30 pm

Place: Manning Hall 214


ATTENDANCE: Evelyn Daniel, Jane Greenberg, David Knight, Sarah Reuning, Peter White, Alan Weakly, Stephen Seiberling.

OpenKey Issues:

Action Item: Sarah/Jane will look into getting new meeting room since the AC in Manning 214 was really loud

  1. Introduction of Sarah Reuning as new project manager: Sarah is pursuing her MSIS. She has an MA in English and formerly worked for the UNC Press.
  2. Communication w/Urbana

   IMLS quarterly report due. Action Item: Sarah will send examples to Bryan and will create new quarterly report of UNCs OpenKey progress

   The October 31st UNC OpenKey meeting is canceled. Action Item: Sarah will schedule new virtual meeting time with Urabana

   2003 Museums on the Web conference. Jane and Sarah submitted paper abstract. Plato/David/Steve may wish to sign up to do a demonstration of some aspect of OpenKey at the conference. Demonstration deadline is Dec 15.

  1. 'Architectural Team' update

   David will have a prototype of his work to show at next meeting

   Plato sent his update via email before the meeting

   Architecture team will explore relationship between the current database and the one Plato is building as work proceeds.

  1. Plants in UNC's polyclave key

   Steve handed out a list of trees for OpenKey. Evelyn added Buckeye.

   We will revisit the question of what to do with look-a-like trees in the future

        We can create a you should consider these look-a-likes list or add look-a-like to database since that shouldnt take much time

        Evelyn suggested gathering data for one tree and all its look-a-likes, creating a mock-up and testing

   We need to state the geographic scope of our project

  1. List of plant characters

   Sarah and Steve will communicate and keep track of how decisions concerning plant characters are made

   Steve handed out a Draft Criteria for Selection of Characters, Character States, and Character State Definitions. He discussed definitions of characters and gave examples of how we are defining certain traits (i.e. We will have discrete, not continuous plant characteristics)

   Team members agreed that we do not want to come up with our own definitions, but will take best definition from one of our four main sources. (Steve indicated that in most cases rewriting wont be necessary.) Members agreed that we will state the sources of our definitions on our website. Steve is listing definitions in a Word doc

   We will replace PIC glossaries to be consistent between projects

   We will add pictures to glossary: real images and line drawings

  1. Conceptual table update

   Peter suggested looking at other databases for models

   We will not include modifying terms (such as finely) in descriptions for user input, but modified terms will be included in results

  1. PIC

   PIC report / issues: Evelyn will put finishing touches on final report and submit. Final budget was $986 and will go toward Steves salary

   Action Item: Student digitizer will be hired to help with imaging and data entry. Salary will come from Peter at $10/hour. We will inquire about the availability of Alans student worker

   Jane is contacting Emily about Ask the Expert

   Sarah has obtained pdf copy of Endeavors article